Confession: I’m not super into my hair. Never have been. I dyed my hair *once* in my life (in 9th grade, ugh), spend about 10 minutes max on my hair each morning and break out my heat tools *maybe* once a month — for special occasions only. I know, I know: I’m a beauty writer who writes about hair constantly but doesn’t spend any time on my own? Yup. Low maintenance is the name of the game for me when it comes to my hair, so I’ve never really given much thought to anything outside of the ordinary shampoo-and-conditioner maintenance. That all changed three years ago.


My holy grail hair product is WEN by Chaz Dean, which I originally bought from an infomercial at 3am. Yes, it was one of those nights (mornings?). It’s a cleansing conditioner (one of those no-lather shampoo-conditioner-hybrid products) that is constantly being shown on those (annoying) TV infomercials, and I totally fell for it — and am glad I did. I have literally not put any other shampoo or conditioner on my hair since and don’t plan on going back to the lathering side.


What It Is: WEN Cleansing Conditioner ($32) is a product that you use in place of traditional shampoo and conditioner. Technically, it’s a five-in-one product (you can use it as shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioner/detangler/leave-in conditioner), but I think it’s a little heavy to use for each of those purposes all the time. It washes dirt and oil out of your hair while conditioning it (deeply) so you’re left with super soft, tangle-free and shiny hair. Their Intensive Hair Treatment ($58) is also *amazing* — highly recommend.

Where You Can Find It: Full disclosure: I don’t recommend buying this stuff online OR via the infomercial because they’ll suck you into being on autopay and it’s so hard to get out of (trust me!). I suggest buying this stuff at Sephora or online so you can scoop up the products you want individually and as frequently/infrequently as you need without the hassle.


Who Should Use It: Anyone who wants healthy, soft hair that smells fresh and looks full of body should use this product. I’ve converted everyone from my mom (who has short, fine hair) to my twin sister (who has colored hair) to one of my besties (who uses heat tools every single day) to WEN and none of them have gone back to normal shampoo + conditioner. Once you feel your hair after using this stuff for the first time, it’s hard to use anything else — seriously. I can’t even travel for one day without it; I go insane if I have to use regular shampoo or conditioner! My hair feels like straw.

How You Should Apply It: Apply three to six pumps to your scalp depending on how oily your hair is, then massage it in as you would normal shampoo. Add three to five more pumps to the length of your hair and let it sit for a minute or two if you’re able. Then, wash it all out — but it’s okay if you leave a tiny bit in your hair, because it acts as a deep conditioner. You can also add a dime-sized amount to your hair after the shower for detangling and more conditioning.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: It’s truly the best hair product I’ve *ever* used and I can’t imagine my life without it (dramatic, I know, but hair is IMPORTANT, y’all). For someone like me who doesn’t spend a lot of time on their hair, having it look and feel healthy is always my first priority. WEN saves me time and leaves my hair looking and feeling fab. Really, what else could a busy (and lazy) girl want?

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