Hope you’ve got some extra storage space on that phone, because this week’s newest apps are all must-downloads — really, aren’t they every week though? ;) June’s final round of best apps of the week revolves around everything you love and more: news, dating, home decor and social media. It’s like all these developers knew what we love and decided to release all the new things at once for us to play with over the weekend. Check ’em out below, queue ’em up on your DL list and have at it!

medium for android

1. Medium for Android: The outlet for writing and reading the stories that matter most to you has been on iOS devices for a while, but this past week it finally made its long-awaited debut for the Android audience. Highlight + discover articles, write your own story or simply read + respond to them all in this brand-new beautiful and simple-to-use app that will transform the way you create and consume content. You never know; you may just finally drop Twitter + FB from your phone for this news provider.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android


2. Tindog: You use your dog to meet new people on the street when walking them. Or maybe they just drag you around to sniff other dog’s butts. But now it’s time to put your cuddle buddy’s adorable looks to use for you with the latest Tinder-like app. Meet fellow dog owners to either hang out with at the dog park or maybe keep that time together going with a date and chatter about other things outside of your canines. Dog owners, it’s time you met your match!

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

furn app

3. Furn: If you’re looking for something that’s a cross between Pinterest and Tinder when it comes to selecting home decor, this is the app for you. Shop, curate, search and even create wish lists with this ultimate living accessorizing assistant. Then, of course, bring those chic new items to life in your home even more with a DIY or two ;)

DL It: Free on iOS

Vibbidi app

4. Vibbidi: Like Instagram solely for videos, this app makes creating and sharing gorgeous videos a simple process. Add everything from filters and afterglow to music to your moving visuals to transform them from a basic Vine into a masterpiece. This one could just be your launching pad to becoming an award-winning director.

DL It: Free on iOS

cards for instagram app

5. Cards for Instagram: Yeah, Instagram got some amazing new search and explore updates this week, but this app now also makes the photo sharing social media network a better search engine tool as well. With this DL you can turn your feed into a swipeable photo card version of IG. Say farewell to double tapping if that’s not your thing. You will also find all your liked items in an easy-to-view list instead of buried in the depths of your account, and — like Instagram just debuted — you have the capability to search locations. Looks like you’ll never be letting go of the ‘gram.

DL It: $1.99 on iOS

What’s your must DL this week? Share that #1 app in the comments.