Summer brings with it an entirely new聽lifestyle 鈥 outdoor activities, great vacations, and even its own set of beauty聽trends (remember last year鈥檚 must-try messy buns?) 鈥 and it all starts later this month with Memorial Day weekend.聽Maybe you have a fabulous trip planned or simply an extended period of kicking back by the pool in mind, but who says MDW is only for sunning? It鈥檚 also a great time for bargain shopping, and the rest of the month isn鈥檛 short on good deals either. Keep reading for the inside scoop (ice cream scoop, anyone?) on what items to buy for great prices in May.

1. BBQ Supplies:聽Sun鈥檚 out, bun鈥檚 out鈥 hamburger and hot dog buns, of course (what did you think we were talking about?)! It鈥檚 time to break out your favorite cookout recipes 鈥斅and to consider investing in a new grill that will take you and your kabob-loving friends through the rest of the summer fully fed and happy. Retailers know that BBQ season is upon us, so look for great deals on grills, tongs, and other outdoor cooking essentials this month (especially over Memorial Day weekend!).

2. Sports Apparel:聽Get ready for all of your summer athletic pursuits (or maybe just being a really good fan) by checking out deals on sporty clothes and gear. The prices should be coming down in anticipation of all those friendly games of kickball and dodgeball that you have on the calendar.

3. Berries:聽Your favorite berries are probably available year-round in the聽local grocery store, but outside of the late spring and summer, you may have noticed that they鈥檙e flavorless and expensive (lame combination, right?). Berries aren鈥檛聽actually in season until late spring, which means that May is the perfect time to stock up for all the pie-baking and healthy snacking that we聽know you have scheduled into your summer. Starting this month, strawberries, blueberries, and more will be way tastier聽and more reasonably priced.

4. Chips + Salsa:聽Between Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day fiestas, May is prime time for chips and salsa 鈥 and supermarkets know it! Now is the perfect opportunity to check out聽the snack aisle for awesome deals on your favorite party snack. A little smart shopping this month聽will ensure that you鈥檙e ready and waiting for salsa cravings and last-minute guests from now 鈥檛il Labor Day!

5. Refrigerators:聽Like President鈥檚 Day, Memorial Day weekend is typically a great time to shop for big ticket items, since many major stores will be slashing prices for huge sales in celebration of the long weekend. If you鈥檙e in the market for a new fridge, check out big box stores late in the month to see how low those deals聽can go. You鈥檒l be all ready聽to keep your favorite summer treats chilly in the hot temperatures.

6. Strollers:聽Naturally, it鈥檚 tougher to time the purchase of a stroller based on when you can get the best price. When a baby needs a stroller, a baby needs a stroller! That being said, if your little ones are ready for an upgrade on their wheels or you have a friend expecting a bundle of joy later this year, it may be worthwhile to shop for deals in May.聽You may find strollers marked down as part of larger 鈥渨arm weather鈥 sales. The next ideal buying window for all things baby won鈥檛 come around again until November.

7. Sunscreen:聽One thing that no one wants to experience this summer is a nasty sunburn 鈥 or worse, lasting and dangerous sun damage. You鈥檒l find that your favorite SPF manufacturers and retailers will likely be running sales this month, especially leading up to Memorial Day, so grab a bottle (or 10!) now. You can鈥檛 blame a high price tag for failing to protect yourself from the sun鈥檚 dangerous rays this year.

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