The Best White Elephant Gifts of Christmas 2014
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The Best White Elephant Gifts of Christmas 2014

Christmas has once again come and gone. Grandma made her weird Jell-o mold that no one actually eats, the tree is on its way out and you’re probably headed back to real life sometime in the not so distant future. But before we jump into 2015 and all the resolutions it brings, we’d like to stop for a sec to reminisce about our favorite Christmas tradition: the white elephant exchange. Over here we like to think of ourselves as somewhat of gag gift experts, but after peeking at a few of the white elephant goodies we spotted on Instagram, it looks as though we may have been outdone. Here’s a look at the best ‘grammed #WhiteElephant booty of the year!

1. Creepy Christmas: Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a pair of doll head salt and pepper shakers… right? (via @valuhreeeee)

2. Literal Swap: This family took the whole white elephant exchange quite literally by gifting an actual glass white elephant and then adding it to their nativity scene – naturally. (via @cayleebug1331)

3. Batman Spotted: This dude is using the Batman onesie he was gifted in a totally epic (maybe even superhuman) way. (via @dnnyly)

4. Family Affair: We sure hope somebody got a silly frame to savor these adorable pics. (via @thupac10)

5. Woodland Wonders: He didn’t get a puppy for Christmas, but at least he got a squirrel. (via @suannheavisides)

6. Blow Your Luck: It only cost a few bucks to make, but it could be worth a whole lot more. (via @baybeelys)

7. Mini Bowling Alley: Skip the stinky shoes and just set this up in your living room. Post-Christmas boredom solved. (via @bmwadebree26)

8. Sock Stealer: Considering this guy stole back the gift he brought to the exchange we don’t think he exactly has the whole spirit of the tradition down, but with socks as cool as this can you blame him? (via @scottiewun)

9. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots: Because sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Side note: That’s definitely Hurley from Lost just chilling in the background. (via @ashleyplatz)

10. Merman Magic: Sorry Ken, looks like there’s a new hunky doll in town. (via @missanowell)

11. Scented Polish: In case the standard smell of nail polish wasn’t good enough for you, you can now add a ketchup and mustard scent to the deal. We’re totally scooping this for next year. (via @bluetapenails)

12. Smiling Shots: That giant shot of tequila might go down a little easier when you take it out of one of these cute (but also kind of creepy) antique bar jiggers. (via @mizlandry)

13. Boozey Holiday: Sometimes you just have to skip the comedy and go for something you know everyone is going to want to steal. (via @jeremy_patrick)

14. Snuggle City: Because let’s be honest: all anyone really wants over the holidays is a good blanket. (via @musemeileena)

15. Edible Elephant: Cake always wins. White elephant cake? Double win. (via @whenlifegivesyousprinkles)

16. Spy Central: We’re going to bet someone got up to some sneaky shenanigans at Grandma’s house. (via @jimmyk16)

17. Perfect Pancakes: So um, when’s that invite for Sunday brunch headed our way? (via @stupidhonky)

18. Pretty in Pink: Who says tools can’t be pink? (via @ghostakesflight)

19. Candy Heaven: Our ten-year-old selves are kind of freaking out right now. (via @nguyetle1226)

20. Cry Baby: Yikes. We have no words for this one, except that we hope your Christmas was better than this doll’s. (via @marjeyanne)

Did you do a white elephant exchange for Christmas? What did you give and get? Share with us in the comments or tweet us a pic.