The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2015
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The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2015

There is definitely an art to finding the perfect white elephant gift. It should be outrageous and silly, but still somewhat useful. It’s a fine line that many a gift giver has pondered. If you’re participating in a white elephant gift exchange and feeling a little bit stuck, we’ve got some good news. We recruited a few employees here at Brit HQ to share some of their favorite hilarious yet lustworthy goodies. Scroll on down to check out the gems. And hey, if you end up trading for your own white elephant contribution, your secret’s safe with us.

Angela Velez, Community Editor

1. Evil Eye Ornament ($12): Mystical and kooky, this Evil Eyeball ornament adds an eccentric edge to any tree.

2. Kevin Bacon Clutch Bag ($28): If you ask us, the bacon trend is alive and well. Bring home the bacon (sorry, we couldn’t resist) in this slick clutch sure to inspire giggles everywhere.

3. Unicorn Snot ($10): It has glitter and it came from unicorns (maybe) — what else could a gal want? We’ll take this in pink too, please!

4. Taco Truck ($15): Tacos deserve to ride around in style, and this lime green pickup truck accomplishes just that. Just add hot sauce and you’ve got the makings for a taco rager.

Kate Puhala, Senior Style Editor

5. Bangle With an Angle Flask in Platinum ($40): Any gift that you can open up and use right away (like at your Yankee Swap celebration) is a good gift. Cheers in advance.

6. VINCA USA Bubble Tea Earrings ($24): Boba is serious business at Brit + Co — we have a Slack channel devoted to it, people — so this one would go fast in our office white elephant party.

7. Spencer’s Lava Lamp ($30): Yes Spencer’s is still around (at least online) and yes, so are the lava lamps that you used to covet back in the day. If you’re already the proud owner of a set of plastic beads and Sublime posters, this is a perfect complement.

8. Come What Neigh Sweater ($120): This one is a bit of an investment, but it will pay off in Instagrammable #ootds for years to come.

9. Mom Socks ($12): Because mom is always like, “you used to call me on the landline…”

Madeline Bachelder, Creative Coordinator

10. Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers ($12): Because every fancy dinner table needs a few party animals, IMHO.

11. Custom Emoji Print + Digital Download ($75): Custom emoji family portrait? DUH.

12. NFL Freaker Socks ($20): Because really, can you think of better socks to wear on game day?

13. Thumbs Up UK 80s Retro Case ($12): Modern tech gets an old-school makeover.

14. Bubble Calendar ($26): Whether you need to relieve some stress or you’re just a mega fan of bubble wrap (who isn’t?), this wall calendar is a perfect pick for anyone in the office.

15. Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone Set (6-Piece) ($16): Add a little bit more fun to pizza night with these gadgets that transform your standard slice into a cone.

16. The Dipr the Ultimate Cookie Spoon ($6): My BF once gave this to me, and it was the best gift EVER!

17. W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit – Moscow Mule ($24): Here’s an easy, super sly way to make that cross-country trip home for Christmas a little more bearable.

18. Mountain Tees Fanny Pack Kitties T-Shirt ($20): When would someone wear this, you ask? When wouldn’t they wear it is a better question.

19. Mug With A Hoop ($24): Practice your shot and keep your hoop dreams alive with this basketball hoop mug.

20. Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book ($7): We’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but unicorns aren’t actually as nice as they seem.

21. Dyemurex Men’s Heat Sensitive Color Changing T-Shirt ($20): Dying to know who’s (literally) the hottest person in the office? Get this tee and wonder no more.

Lexy Kelly, Video Producer

22. Stainless Steel Self-Stirring Coffee Mug ($20): This takes laziness to another level, but hey, we’re not complaining.

23. USB Desk Vacuum ($14): Clean up those pesky muffin crumbs with this hilarious USB-powered vacuum.

Kathryn Kuntz, Merchandising Director

24. LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades ($8): Rock around the Christmas tree wearing these hilarious shades.

25. Ah Choo Nose Pepper Mill ($17): Fresh Ground Pepper? Yes please, with a sneeze.

26. Bad Ass Candles Merry F’N Christmas ($18): Smells like Christmas spirit!

27. Washing Machine Clothes Hamper ($24): Doing laundry has never been easier.

28. Lucky Pickle Yodeling Christmas Tree Ornament ($14): Yodelayheehoo!

29. Football Stadium Inflatable Salad Bar ($19): Superbowl Sunday will be here before you know it. Do your part to make sure the winner of your white elephant gift is more than ready.

30. Shark Bottle Opener ($10): When thirst gets fierce, crack open a cold one.

31. Stripper Sloth Tote Bag ($16): It will definitely make your grocer’s day when you hand this over to be filled with fruits and veggies.

32. Super Big Heart ($99): When you just need something to snuggle, this is kind of as good as it gets.

33. Streamline Alma Otter Tape Dispenser ($15): Because who says tape can’t be fun?

Andrea Kasprzak, Assignment Editor

34. Parasitic Lifestyle iPhone Case ($50): Surreal collage iPhone cases are sure to provide a much needed 4pm creative pick-me-up.

35. Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses ($45): Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses is so last year. Upgrade to a rainbow view.

36. Brand New Noise Lil’ Mib ($66): Record a cute message for your sweetie, tape your baby’s first words or just capture your own voice saying something nice.

37. Mini Fortune Surprise Balls ($5): A more colorful and creative alternative to the fortune cookie, these surprise balls are fun party favors.

38. Chaparral Studio Crack Me Open Baby Sparkles Await You ($15): You might have outgrown collecting rocks, but we say you’re never too old for a little sparkle. Display this geode as a cool, naturally wonderful desk accessory.

39. Rainbow in My Room ($25): Channel your inner Dorothy with this wonderful, wild rainbow-making machine.

40. Baron Von Fancy x Wah Press-on Nails ($20): Press-on nails are silly and statement making. Get digital with these artsy stunners.

41. Merry iPhone Charger ($20): Festive + functional is one of our favorite combos. This charger is so cheery, you won’t even mind that your phone is dead.

Ashley Perlman, Digital Sales Planner

42. Minions Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser ($18): No more fighting with your toothpaste to come out of the tube. Let this minion do the dirty work and dispense your toothpaste for you!

43. Octeapus Tea Infuser ($10): What did you catch? An Octeapus! Instead of ink, this cool guy squirts tea.

44. Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set ($13): Eat on the go or at your desk. All you need is a pen and these pen toppers.

45. Polaroll Color ($25): You never thought you could make toilet paper cool until now.

46. R2-D2 Bubble Generator ($120): Star Wars VII is coming December. Let’s just say R2D2 is trending.

47. Queen of the Shower Cap ($10): Be the queen everywhere you go, even in the shower.

48. Waliki Anna the Unicorn Jumping With Plush Cover ($80): Ok fine, maybe you can’t BE a unicorn, but no one can tell you that you can’t ride one!

49. Emoji Nail Decals ($6): No words, just emotions. Wear your heart on your sleeve – err, fingernail.

50. Squirrel Neck + Travel Pillow ($20): Don’t go nuts when you travel. Let this squirrel pillow lend you some much-needed comfort.

51. Cat Pattern Embossing Rolling Pin ($30): Some cats like to lay, some cats like to roll. Make some fancy feline cookies with this rolling pin.

52. Sushi Hug Tote ($20): Like white on rice.

Katie Bond, Community Editor

53. Pizza Patch Set ($16): Make way for the pizza brigade! These pepperoni patches are just the thing you need to flaunt that pizza pride.

54. Pixapet ($10): Throw it back to the early ’90s with this digital BFF.

55. Name That Beard Game ($12): Behind every great man is an even greater beard. Show off your facial hair recognition with this well-groomed game.

56. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur ($61): Magical unicorn G+Ts? YAS, please!

57. Wine Handbag ($65): Portable purse party FTW.

58. Magic Cat Ball ($16): Who needs answers about life when it can be all about the cattitude?

59. World’s Smallest Etch-A-Sketch ($8): This cute toy will make all those tiny art dreams come true again and again.

60. Magical Unicorn Mug ($20): Every morning will be magical with this epic mug.

61. Sushi Cat Blind Box Figure ($8): Weird? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely.

62. Yeti Heated Slippers ($53): Be a winter winner with these fiercely cute (and heated!) slippers.

63. How to Swear Around the World ($14): Learn how to be NSFW in multiple languages.

What’s your favorite pick from this list? Share with us in the comments below.