In between our time spent at the mall completing our holiday shopping and DIYing the halls, we’ve been super busy learning the dance moves to Beyoncé’s “7/11” (we’re spinnin’ while our hands up). While taking a break from our Queen Bey danceathon, we found out she’s been busy sending holiday cards to all her friends (umm, we think she forgot our address). Though the celebs go all out for the holiday season (hey big booty, Ellen!), we think Beyoncé may have won the celeb holiday card game.


Although a physical card from the Queen would be ideal, an Instagram from a friend of the ***flawless card will have to do for 2014.


We were drunk in love with Mrs. Carter’s 2013 holiday card, but this year’s definitely takes the cake (by the pound).


“All I’m really asking for is you, Beyoncé,” guess that’s what we’re gonna have to put on our wish list next year to get her holiday card like Laverne Cox did this year.

What other famous faces do you think got Beyoncé’s holiday card this year? Give us your thoughts in the comments.