Brides take skincare seriously, and many will stop at nothing to achieve a flawless complexion for their wedding weekend. Some head to their local blood spa, while others hit up an acupuncturist, but a lot can actually be done in the comfort of your own bathroom in just a few weeks’ time with the right products (perfect for the procrastinators among us). BIOEFFECT, an Icelandic company founded by three geneticists in 2010, is out to turn back the clock when it comes to the look and feel of your skin in as little as one month.

Science has a lot to do with it — just ask co-founder, executive vice president, and chief scientific officer Dr. Björn Örvar. He discovered a way to develop a plant-based replica of substances that are key to reversing the signs of aging and keeping your skin looking tight and right. The BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment ($290) is a month-long bootcamp for your skin that contains concentrated levels of nourishing growth factors, which will make your skin look firm, plump, and even-toned. We know: It sounds too good to be true. Keep reading to learn more about the ground-breaking science.

What is EGF? EGF stands for epidermal growth factor. We’re all born with a ton of different growth factors that are responsible for helping various parts of our bodies develop (like our bones, nerves, and skin). We all contain high levels of EGF when we’re born, but the concentration reduces as we age.

How do growth factors improve the skin? Simply put: Certain growth factors help keep your skin looking bright and firm. EGF, KGF (Keratinocyte growth factor), and IL-1a (Interleukin 1a) — the three cellular activators used in the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment — work synergistically to overhaul the look and feel of your skin. “This growth factor treatment addresses thinning of the skin, improving elasticity, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, giving the user a more youthful skin gained through rejuvenation of the skin cells,” Örvar explains.

Why is this treatment considered a skincare bootcamp? The concentration of powerhouse ingredients in this treatment turns up the dial on its effectiveness and the time it takes to see results. “We have EGF at a higher concentration, making the efficacy even more,” Örvar explains. “Also, these growth factors work better as a team than individually, so the results are better.” Once you commit to and complete the month-long treatment, your skin will be in tip-top shape for your big day (or any big day, really). After that, it’s all about maintenance. Using products with growth factors means you’re replenishing your natural supply — so after you’ve gone through the treatment, you won’t revert back to your initial levels too quickly, according to Örvar. “It takes time for you to lose what you have gained. After 30 days, many of our users return to the EGF Serum ($160) until they repeat the 30-Day Treatment, which should be done 2-4 times each year,” he recommends.

Who is the treatment ideal for? In short, treating the skin with plant-derived growth factors can benefit all skin types and all ages, but especially those over 30 years old who want to fight signs of aging. “Users from all around the world, with different skin types and ethnic backgrounds, have these growth factors, and they play a major role in every skin type,” Örvar says. Consider this treatment a way to jumpstart results on an existing routine, and/or feel extra prepared for an upcoming event. Just make sure you’re prepared for the slew of compliments headed your way ;)

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