Why are people these days so enamored with lists? Everywhere you look, it’s “5 Best Ad Blockers For Your iPhone” or “10 Ways to Eat Healthy on Just $4 a Day.” Short answer? Because they’re a fun and easily digestible way to get information. With the rise of the listicle as an actual news article format, it really only was a matter of time before someone created a smartphone app that was composed solely of entertaining lists. The List App was masterminded by The Office alum B.J. Novak (who also wrote an amazing children’s book that has no pictures, aptly titled The Book with No Pictures) and a slew of folks are already on the app posting away — including, of course, B.J.’s best friend/former love interest Mindy Kaling.


The app allows you to follow you friends, verified news sites (yes, even The New York Times has an account), create your own lists and even share some particularly entertaining ones with friends. And yes, you can add photos to your lists to help illustrate.

In all honesty, Mindy’s lists alone should be compelling enough to convince you that YOU NEED THIS APP (“A Few Great Beards,” “Why You Should Be Scared of Me” and “Best Kissers on The Mindy Project“). We’re definitely not ruling out the possibility that this app might replace our morning commute reads.

Seriously. Bookmarking some of these now.

DL It: Free on iOS

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(h/t Entertainment Weekly, photo via Jason Kempin/Getty)