This year more than ever, our smartphones are working to bring us into the future. They have heartbeat sensors to track our stress levels. They help us feed Fido. They turn off our lights and make our home secure when we’re not there. And you can’t burn a calorie without them knowing how, where and when you did it. But BlackBerry is kicking it old school because YOU said so.

After complaints from loyal customers, BlackBerry revealed this week that 2014 will be the year they return to their roots. They’re bringing back the phone’s trackpad and keyboard combo with the new “Classic” Q20 (concept image above). Not only will the new version feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen and physical keyboard, but also the beloved trackpad plus Menu, Send, Back and End buttons BB users know and love.

The company hopes to reverse the backlash from all those cranky customers who were unhappy with 2013’s Q10. That BlackBerry tried out a touchscreen and physical keyboard but lacked the trackpad and “Back” functions.

Are you still a BlackBerry user? Share why you won’t give up your little BB below!

(Photo: Mockup h/t!)