Iconic blonde actress Blake Lively launched about a hundred headlines back in the summer when she went #bronde for a movie role. She confessed later that her personal preference for hair color, despite all the buzz about her new darker hue, was still her classic flaxen locks. Imagine our surprise when girlfriend stepped out yesterday in NYC for New York Fashion Week rocking a blonde hue so versatile and ever-changing, it’ll make you wonder — did she or didn’t she?

The All I See Is You actress, who famously doesn’t keep a stylist in her employ, stepped out yesterday looking like she’d gone strawberry blonde. In fact, she’s almost bordering on ginger here. But then again, the color change could totally be attributed to that absolutely stunning deep-V poppy dress by Michael Kors in a super vibrant crimson.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 17, 2016

If you compare that color with images of Blake from just earlier THAT SAME DAY when she was attending the Michael Kors show, you can tell that there is something noticeably different going on with her shade. Girlfriend can change her hair color like she changes an outfit. However, transitioning your tresses takes time, and we’re not altogether certain she would’ve had enough hours in the day to go from wheat blonde to brassy blonde in between so many photo ops.

Either way, baby James’s mom is looking stylish ;)

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(Photos via Raymond Hall/Getty + Jacopo Raule/Getty)