Bliss, a spa products company, announced that its newest makeup line will take on a totally different approach than most: Many of the products will be in liquid and serum form. Yep, we’re talking liquid-y blushes and illuminators, serum-like lip glosses and lipsticks and “blurring balms” designed to cleverly hide imperfections while still allowing your skin to shine through. Here’s why the shape-shift from pot to tube is a cool one: Not only could these skinny tubes free up a ton of space in your makeup bags, but the serum-boosted liquid formulas could pack extra skin benefits, create naturally dewy looking skin and offer more blendability and buildability than traditional powders and/or liquid formulas. Really, serums could be exactly what your skin is needing in terms of perfectly-balanced skincare-meets-makeup.


Along with those makeup kit game changers, the line is offering snazzy-looking brushes (we love the purple-y blue tips), tinted moisturizers, fuller-coverage foundations, gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and ombre-like blush palettes (!) that look SO pretty. Apparently the beauty world is already going nuts over their blurring balm, called “Un-Buffing Believable,” and a setting spray. According to Allure’s Kelly Atterton, the “balm is like a face filter IRL,” and the setting spray “lasts insanely long.” We’re convinced.


We dug a little deeper and found that the #blisscolor hashtag has a bunch of fun photos of products and people from the launch event. The Serum Blush Fluid really caught our eye — we’ve never seen a blush in this form before and imagine it glides on the skin with a velvety-smoothness that you can only get with a serum. Same goes for the “well lit” Serum Illuminating Fluids. There is a darker, bronze-y color and a lighter shade that would set you up for instant summer goddess status. Also spotted are a ton of “normal” lip products like punchy glosses and lipsticks, colored eyeliners (we’re eyeing the teal shade), concealers and what appear to be stick blushes.


Based on their Instagram photos, we expect the line to feature even more products (each with a cheeky, cute-sy name) than the aforementioned ones and we seriously can’t wait to see what they are! You can get your hands on Bliss’ new makeup line at Kohl’s this month. Scroll through for more photos from the launch party — warning: serious FOMO ahead:


What products would you try from this new line? What are your fave makeup products in general? Let us know in the comment section below.

(h/t Allure; photos via @bliss_spa + @beauty_by_alexis + @amynadinemakeup + @rmmer + @thezoereport)