Wanderlust: 22 Killer Boho Weekender Bags
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Wanderlust: 22 Killer Boho Weekender Bags

Listen up, bohemian beauties. Just because you can’t decide what to pack doesn’t mean you can’t be sure how to pack it. And since lots of us just love to overpack (what if it snows in Miami?), you’re probably definitely going to need more than one travel bag. Have no fear. We’ve picked out 22 stunningly chic boho weekenders that are sure to give you major wanderlust. As if you really needed another reason to get away this weekend.

1. Girl Meets Voyage Weekender Bag ($102): If this charming weekender doesn’t make you feel as free as a bird, we don’t know what will.

2. Allende Weekender ($275): A bold and funky print will always top the list when it comes to the perfect travel bag.

3. Fantastical Weekend Backpack ($68): This imaginative backpack is the perfect accessory for the free spirit.

4. Isabel Weekender ($282): Hit the road with this Aztec-printed weekender bag. Can’t decide which color to get? Buy both!

Embi Fringe Tote

5. Fringe Tote ($47): You can never have enough fringe in your life: especially when it’s red.

Anthropologie Seville Embroidered Weekender Bag

6. Seville Embroidered Weekender ($168): Feel patriotic without being obvious with this beautifully embroidered red, white and blue canvas bag. Please take note of that funky tassel zipper pull!

Embi Statement Backpack

7. Statement Backpack ($51): Stand out with a backpack adorned in neon applique. How cute!

8. Mara Hoffman Canvas Weekender ($282): We can’t talk boho without all hailing the Queen of Boho, Mara Hoffman. This canvas, neon-geometric-print bag is the perfect size for any traveler. Think of all the stuff you can pack!

9. Floral Weekender ($30): This adorable, budget-friendly weekender is made of cotton so it can take all the wear and tear of wandering. Plus, it’s printed with pretty florals.

10. Harlow Weekender ($465): This vintage-looking embroidered neon bag is one-of-a-kind… just like you! (Aww… )

Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Duffle Bag

11. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Duffle Bag ($675): Here’s a durable (and super cool) weekender that will last forever. The best part? You can share it with your guy.

Anthropologie Yala Weekender Bag

12. Yala Weekender ($178): An intricate black-and-white print serves as the perfect disguise for the abundance of clothing you’re traveling with.

Free People Sabrina Tach Nirvana Backpack

13. Nirvana Backpack ($198): Explore the world with this jewel-toned, funky embroidered backpack.

Stela 9 Patchwork Duffel Bag

14. Patchwork Duffle ($98): Nothing says “boho” more than embroidered patchwork and denim. Nothing.

Boho Weekender Bag

15. Large Weekender Bag ($66): Become one with nature with this authentic, hand-stitched and eco-friendly overnight bag.

16. Maroc Traveler Bag ($495): Made with a simple, handwoven Kilim textile, this chic royal blue duffel has tons of character.

17. Nicole Weekender ($418): Travel the world with a piece of Southeast Asia. This was handwoven and dyed (with love) in a village in Laos.

Leather Pony Backpack

18. Leather Pony Backpack ($104): The bright orange pony hair flap on this bohemian backpack brings color blocking to a new level.

19. Bohemia Zoumi Kilim Backpack ($63): The secret behind the bright colors on this wool and silk woven backpack? The fibers were hand-dyed with vegetables by artisans in Marrakech!

Boohoo Jasmine Stud And Tassle Trim Rucksack

20. Jasmine Stud Tassle Rucksack ($45): Tan leather, fringe and studs are all necessities when it comes to an understated hippie knapsack.

21. Banjara Weekender Bag ($198): Make your luggage stand out with a suede-fringed, cotton embroidered duffel with mirror accents. The tough part is picking a color combo (it comes in four)!

22. Pendleton Thomas Kay Barrel Bag ($395): A classic Pendleton duffel never goes out of style: especially when it’s in neutral colors.

What boho-chic weekender are you toting around? Let us know in the comments!