Do you ever wonder what it would be like to wear your own art? We鈥檙e not talking about becoming a fashion designer or even DIYing your own tees for the big football game this weekend. We鈥檙e talking about wearing your artwork on custom clothing 鈥 specifically, leggings. Enter Bombsheller, an online retailer that allows creatives to turn their legging-loving dreams into reality.

Any maker or artist can upload a design to Bombsheller鈥檚 leggings template, and they鈥檒l send you back a custom printed pair for $69. But the best part? They鈥檒l upload your design to their catalog so that other people can get a hold of your pair, too鈥 AND you鈥檒l get paid every time a pair is purchased.

All leggings start at $69 and each artist sets a royalty for their designs. You literally go from painter to leggings designer overnight. No sewing required.

Did we mention every pair is manufactured in Seattle?! Go USA!

Scroll down to see some of our faves and check out the Bombsheller website to peruse the whole shop!

Are you ready to become a leggings designer? Let us know how you feel about Bombsheller below!