Boys: Sometimes they’re the worst and sometimes they’re the best. When you’ve got a boyfriend that’s squarely in the latter category, you’ll wanna show him a little thanks for all the sweet things he does for you. When that time arises on his birthday or any old date night, give him a clear sign that you’re in love with one of these 12 gifts that are sure to please.


1. Trndlabs Skeye Mini Drone With HD Camera ($99): One thing is for sure: Boys love toys — and this is the ultimate toy. He can soar through the sky and take some seriously sweet HD pictures with this mini-drone that’s a steal at just under $100.

old fashioned kit

2. Hella Bitters DIY Old Fashioned Kit ($65): Forget having to suss out a good bartender that knows how to make an Old Fashioned right. Give your guy the ability to make his own right at home.

national treasure tee

3. Headline Shirts National Treasure T-Shirt ($28): Not only is this shirt epic and hilarious, but it’ll let him (and the rest of the world) know just how special you think he is — national treasure level, to be exact.

whiskey mixer

4. White Whale Mob Man Rye Whiskey Mixer ($11): If you’ve got a whiskey drinker on your hands, this mixer will take his favorite drink to the next level with cherry, black currant and anise flavors that aren’t to be missed.

monkey tool

5. Zootility Tools Pocket Monkey 12-in-1 Tool ($14): If yo’ man is an engineer or loves taking on DIY projects just as much as you do, this 12-in-one pocket tool is a great gift. It practically puts an entire toolbox in his back pocket!

wallet tracker

6. Trackr Wallet Trackr ($25): Wallets are to men like purses are to women — they house everything important in the world. Make sure the man in your life never frets about losing his with this tracker that’s operated via smartphone.

grilling turner

7. Found by B+C Grilling Turner ($25): If the stereotype that all men love to grill and eat meat holds true for one that you know, this grilling turner is a glorious gift. It plays up the manly angle to the nth degree.

lincoln tee

8. Headline Shirts I Got Five on It Tee ($28): This tee is made for men because it celebrates one of the coolest ones in history. If your guy likes a good joke, this is for him.

bitters kit

9. Hella Bitters Craft Your Own Bitters Kit ($65): For the men who love mixology, this make-your-own bitters kit is solid gold. It’ll let them craft every aspect of their stiff cocktail, all the way down to the bitters.

camping utensils

10. Acme Party Box Co. Gourmet Camping Utensil Kit ($19): Whether your guy already loves the outdoors or exploring nature is something that you guys are undertaking together, this set of outdoorsy utensils is perfect. If camping falls through, these are just as useful for a good picnic.

bacon kit

11. Original Bacon Kit DIY Bacon Kit ($24): If your guy struggles with getting out of bed, gifting him this bacon kit might just do the trick.

urbanears headphones

12. Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($50): Music is important to everyone, and men are clearly not an exception. Give him the gift of good tunes with these super rad and mega comfy headphones from Urbanears.

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