Hardcore fans of Disney REALLY love its theme parks. While some long for its days of yore (see these 15 forgotten Disney rides for reference), others still geek out over the Magic Kingdom and all its recent updates, like the new alcohol-friendly restos and Minnie-approved dress shop. The latest rumors swirling around the Happiest Place on Earth will have even its most fanatic guests in a tizzy, thanks to the potential new restaurant that’s sparking MAJOR internet buzz.

Orlando Weekly is reporting that Disney’s Haunted Mansion could be the park’s next foodie focus, with a themed restaurant potentially set to go along with the upcoming Guillermo Del Torro directed movie based on the ride. There are few details known about the project at this point, but the fact that Disney is potentially planning to expand its Haunted Mansion offerings is certainly a good sign of things to come.

The rumored restaurant isn’t the only new Haunted Mansion themed part of Disney Parks: Back in 2014, they opened Memento Mori, a Haunted Mansion-themed gift shop which has become almost as popular as the house itself, where even celebs like Nina Dobrev clamor to get spooked.

Fingers crossed that this one turns out to be true!

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(h/t Popsugar; photos via Disney + Handout/Getty)