Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet a lot of us tend to shrug it off. Sure, it’s tough to squeeze in a breakfast sandwich or a breakfast bowl between showering and throwing your Bento box lunch together; we get it. But it’s a habit that we all need to get into so we can function well and feel good throughout the day. The key is having something quick and handy to mow down, like yummy granola bars! But forget about the pre-wrapped type; these 15 homemade breakfast bars are a jillion times better.

desserts with benefits

1. Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars: These delectable choco PB bars are a dream for anyone out there with a sweet tooth. The best part is that they’re high in fiber and protein, so they’re healthy. (via Desserts With Benefits)

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2. Toasted Quinoa, Dried Fig, and Dark Chocolate Nut-Free Granola Bars: These nut-free granola bars are kind of a big deal. They’re packed with fruit and wholesome seeds, and have the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy. (via Ambitious Kitchen)

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3. Earl Grey Granola Bars: Earl Grey fanatics, get ready to have your minds blown. These simple no-bake granola bars turn your fave tea into a tasty snack and breakfast bar, creating the perfect pairing for that cuppa. (via Courtney’s Cookbook)

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4. Healthy Chewy No-Bake Granola Bars: These simple no-bake breakfast treats are nutritious and customizable, so you can switch things up from time to time and avoid becoming bored. (via Happy Kitchen.Rocks)

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5. Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bar: These fab cereal bars are everything that is wholesome and delish. They have an irresistible jammy center and, believe it or not, are simple to make. (via Delightful Mom Food)

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6. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Cereal Bars: Not everyone is into breakfast, and kids try to dodge it more often than not. Luckily no one can resist anything adorned with chocolate chips, and these bad boys secretly pack a healthful punch. (via The Seasoned Mom)

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7. Chewy Montmorency Tart Cherry Oat Bars: Fuel up and feel good with these tender and tasty oat bars. With an optional chocolate drizzle, they keep it together when you bite into them so you can avoid a crumbly mess while on-the-go. (via Running to the Kitchen)

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8. Superfood Cashew Goji Berry Bars: We could all use more superfoods in our lives, but it’s easy to run out of ways to consume them. Smoothies get old fast, so rock these berry bars for a tasty change. (via Half Baked Harvest)

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9. Superfood Protein Bars: This vegan and GF breakfast option is impressive AF. It’s super low in sugar, high in protein, and jam-packed with superfoods, like chia and hemp seeds. (via My Organic Diary)

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10. Chewy White Chocolate Dipped Blueberry Granola Bars: Packed with goodies like dried blueberries and nuts, these bars are substantial. Whether you need an on-the-go brekky or a little energizer throughout the day, these chewy and gooey granola bars are *the* solution. (via The Beach House Kitchen)

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11. Vegan Sorghum Breakfast Bars: What if we told you that you could indulge in a breakfast that is healthy AND drizzled with chocolaty goodness? These wholesome and swoon-worthy bars are that breakfast. (via Terminatetor Kitchen)

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12. Nutty Superfood Granola Bars: There is zero deception with these beauties. You can see it for yourself upon grabbing them that these bars are full of health-giving goodness. (via Nutritional Foodie)

13. Wholesome Breakfast Bars: Healthy breakfast bars never looked so darn good. We expect this sort of gorgeous chocolaty mess from brownies, not health bars, but we’ll take’em! (via Truffles and Trends)

rainbow nourishments

14. 5-Minute Nutty Granola Bars: If you’ve been using “lack of time” as an excuse to dodge homemade granola bars, we apologize, because that doesn’t fly anymore. These babies take a whopping five minutes to make, so get to it! (via Rainbow Nourishments)

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15. Berry Chia Breakfast Bars: These oat bars are packed with so much goodness and natural sweetness, they should be considered a dessert. Luckily, their nutritional value is too high for that, so breakfast it is. (via A Zesty Bite)

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