Austin, Texas holds a special place in my heart. Not only because I’m from The Lone Star State but because of all it has to offer. From the endlessly delicious food truck options to the chic boutique vibes of the city, time spent in Austin is always anything but dull. Hello BBQ, tacos, bluegrass and vintage shopping!

Over the years, Brit + Co has attended the annual conference that “celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries,” South by Southwest (SXSW), in a variety of ways — from covering the must-see panels and creating multimedia content to attending exclusive, cutting-edge parties and concerts. Brit + Co even joined forces with our friends at Create & Cultivate last year for a day-long pop-up event during the festival.

For next year’s event, we’re looking to head inside the conference *and* up on stage with our very own panels. But Brit + Co needs your help getting there!

To help Brit + Co get our panel ideas to hit the SXSW stage in 2018, we need you to vote for ‘em! SXSW organizers use the “PanelPicker” interface to crowdsource the conference agenda. Community votes comprise 30% of their final decision — how cool, huh?! That’s where you come in!

The community voting period runs from Monday, August 7th through Friday, August 25th. You will need to make a SXSW PanelPicker account in order to vote (I promise, it’s a painless process!). Each account made can cast one vote per panel, for an unlimited amount of panels. I know you wanna see what Brit + Co has to offer for the SXSW crowd (hopefully that’s you, BTW!). Head HERE for conference ticket information and follow the voting process protocol below.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Head HERE

2. Set up a SXSW account

3. Search “Brit” OR click the following links

4. Vote for each of our panels!

5. Share with your friends and encourage them to cast votes… obviously!

Thanks for helping get B+C up on the SXSW stage!

Want to learn more about what Brit + Co hopes to cover at SXSW? Scroll down for more detailed info on each of our proposed panels:

1. 1st-Person Storytelling: Why Authenticity Matters

New technology has allowed anyone to create content — from bedroom YouTubers, to Instagram influencers, to bloggers. Recently, first-person content has become increasingly popular, often considered more valuable than “professionally made” content. Audiences are now obsessed with realness and transparency. This panel of experts will discuss the rising interest in first-person storytelling, exploring the importance of authenticity and how all facets of the industry can capitalize on this trend.


  • Brit + Co’s Chief Creative Officer – Anjelika Temple
  • Facebook’s Strategic Partner Development Manager for Business Influencers – Craig Mullaney
  • Founder of Studio Mucci – Amina Mucciolo
  • Moderated by: Mashable Business Reporter – Kerry Flynn

2. Modern-Day Publisher Models – Beyond Advertising

The rise of digital media has created an infinite amount of potential revenue streams for publishers. Subscriptions, affiliate links, merchandising, premium content, experiential…. the possibilities are endless and many digital publishers have failed to make it work. What, then, is the secret sauce of those who have diversified their revenue streams without diluting their brands? How does a modern-day publisher navigate these choices and adapt their revenue stream to compete when the sky’s the limit?


  • Brit + Co’s Chief Revenue Officer – Carrie Kelly
  • Food 52’s VP of Marketing and Merchandising – Emily Butler
  • Condé Nast Brand Collection’s VP of Marketing – Jill Friedson
  • Moderated by: Digiday Senior Reporter – Sahil Patel

3. Retail Communities + The New Cult-Brands

Is the Internet responsible for the fall of the brick and mortar store? A new generation of digitally-focused brands are looking at the retail store in a new way. Going to a physical store is no longer about the transaction, it’s about the brand experience. Industry experts will discuss how digitally-focused brands are actually driving traffic back to brick and mortar stores by re-imagining the shopping experience and building communities via retail, forming a new breed of cult-brands.


  • Brit + Co’s SVP of Marketing – Patrick Starzan
  • Birchbox’s President & COO – Philippe Pinatel
  • Digital Brand Architects’ SVP of Brand Partnerships – Reesa Lake
  • Moderated by: A member of the Business Insider editorial team

4. Beyond the Balance Sheet – Modern Day Networking

For most people, networking is an awkward but vital part of business. How do I introduce myself? What if this person doesn’t respond well to me? Do I ask for an email or to connect on LinkedIn? Over the years, Baldwin and Bachir have collaborated on partnerships both big and small. This panel will break down their evolution from professional acquaintances to partners at several companies, outlining the best ways to grow a business relationship in level, size, and importance over time.


  • Brit + Co’s VP of Strategy – Baldwin Cunningham
  • Samsung Electronics America’s Head of VR Portfolio Marketing – Bachir Zeroual
  • Moderated by: L’Oréal’s VP of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Rachel Weiss

So, what are you waiting for? Head HERE with your newly created SXSW PanelPicker account, select our panel ideas and we’ll hopefully see you in Austin next spring!

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