Whether you have a pale complexion like me, or were blessed with natural golden brown skin, there is a Bronzed Goddess in all of us. The classic makeup trend will forever be in style, and it’s one that every lady should learn to DIY. These 27 glowing looks serve as major summer beauty inspiration — we’ve even broken each pic down so you can try out these flawless looks for yourself.

1. Subtle Shimmer: Go for a balanced shimmer with a rose gold gloss and sparkling copper smokey eye. The trick to this look is to offset the golden hues with an iridescent white highlight on the inner corners of your eyes. Her matte, orangey bronzed cheeks aren’t competition, they’re the perfect way to tie this look together. (via Daily Makeover)

2. Golden Inner Cat Eye: Get this delicate drama by adding a shimmery gold pigment to the inner corners of your eyes and lightly lining the bottom waterline with black. (via Carlos Palma)

3. Orange Dew: Miss Olsen is sporting an almost bare, dewy finish with the most subtle shade of orange bronzer. The combo truly gives that “I just had a fabulous day at the beach” look. (via Olsens Anonymous)

4. Luminous With a Touch Of Peach: Our gal pal and beauty expert Lauren Conrad is just radiant with white shadow, wingtip liner and a punchy sheen on her peach-kissed cheeks. (via Popsugar)

5. Orangey Ombre: Take a traditional smokey eye and add an orange bronze shadow to the lid and the same hue lip gloss to seal the deal. I recommend rocking this dramatic look on a night out. (via Pour Femme)

6. Golden Trio: One of my favorites! Rachel McAdams has a trio of golden hues around her eyes, full liner and a soft pink pucker. (via Funny Face Beauty)

7. Rose Gold + Bold Lip: This look combines two of the greatest classic beauty trends into one stunning look: red lips and a rose gold shimmery shadow. Tie it together with a rust bronzer. (via Bazaar)

8. Golden Pewter: The combination of silvery gray meets glowing gold on her lids is a look that you can pull of anytime and for any occasion. Just apply a light pink gloss and a peach blush + a light highlight to both your brow bone and cheekbones. (via Jesus, Love, Fashion & Big Cities)

9. Balanced Bronze: J.Lo is always stunning in her signature bronzed look. This photo in particular has the best balance of golden hues on her eyes, lips and cheeks. (via Listas)

10. Emerald Accent: A bronzed all-over finish makes your face the perfect canvas for a serious pop of color. This way, the emerald green acts as a subtle accent around the rims of your eyes. (via Ryanakimley)

11. Golden Goddess: This is definitely a bolder look, but so beautiful in its own right with a copper highlight, bronzed cheekbones and a deep smokey bronzed eye. (via Mail Online)

12. Brown Lips + Golden Eyes: A subtle, bronzed cat eye, golden brown lip and flawless matte face is a sultry look — amazing for darker-complexioned beauties. (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)

13. Natural Glow: Minimal foundation, tinted moisturizer or a BB cream is the key to getting that natural glow even before you step out into the sun. Finish the look with a just-bitten berry lip and light yellow-gold shimmer on the lower lash line. (via Our Vanity)

14. Matte Bronze: Kate Beckinsale’s overall matte finish radiates with the most minimal copper glow on the lower lash line of her eyes. Her neutral pink lip is the perfect accent to this “less is more” look. (via E How)

15. Naturally Smokey: This on the other hand is a very dewy, luminous finish that still manages to give off that same stunning, yet simple look. (via Top Inspired)

16. Tangerine: For a more wearable version of this amazing look, simply apply a tangerine shimmer to your lids and lower lash line and add a matching shimmery gloss. Keep the face fairly neutral and matte with soft highlights on your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose. (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)

17. Orange-Yellow: This is a more playful look, but so, so pretty. Use the same matte, orangey shadow or blush on both your cheeks and lower lash line in combination with a matte yellow shadow in your crease. Make it pop with a shimmery highlight on the inner corners of your eyes. (via Stylosphy)

18. Bronzed Bridal: Step it up from the classic “blushing bride” to a modern “bronzed bride” with a simple, shimmery look that’s not too orangey. (via Blogdaro.com)

19. Iced Bronzed Queen: This is another look that could stand to be toned down a bit for everyday wear, unless you are headed to an evening gala or fancy event (then go full on, girl!). Loving the icy blue frost on her eyes and how it contrasts the warm orangey bronze on her cheeks. (via Hairstyles FS)

20. Nude: The definition of #iwokeuplikethis! This all-natural look is a lot more challenging to execute than one may think, but give it a go by applying a golden highlighter to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose with a matte bronzer and contour the rest of your face. (via Rocio Vila Makeup & Cosmetology)

21. Berry + White Liner: Go big with both the lips and a dramatic eye (why not?). But just remember: It is important to wear a matte, soft bronzer on your face to nail this fashion-forward look. (via All Women Stalk)

22. Bright Coral: This could literally look beautiful on anyone! Use a cream-based shadow to rim your eyes and add a matching colored bronzer to your cheeks as well as a shimmery gloss to your pout. (via The Longer View)

23. Black Liner: All of her bronzy areas (cheeks, eyes) are fairly neutral with an ivory highlight that really glows. The full black liner is a more dramatic approach and quite contrasty, making this look more exotic. (via Cosmetics Channel)

24. Smudgy Liner: Almost like the above Black Liner look, but Heidi Klum is sporting a smudgy-ier, smokier liner and a much bronzer face. (via Celebrity Makeup)

25. Wet Eyes: To get this dreamy look, go for a flawless natural bronze face, coral glossy lip and use a cream metallic copper shadow. (via Might-Should)

26. Glowing: I am loving the rose gold take on this glowing beauty! Her lips, eyes and cheeks are all a similar hue of iridescent rose gold that leaves her looking fresh and youthful. (via Slufoot)

27. Matte Cat Eye + Red Lip: A “modern day bronzed Snow White” is the feel of this sultry look. Keep a matte, pale face with the contrast of an orangey bronze cheek, winged cat eyes and a bold semi gloss cherry red. (via Classic Face)

What bronze goddess look was your favorite? Which are you dying to try this summer? Tell us about your favorite makeup looks in the comments below.