It鈥檚 Re:Make weekend! If you鈥檙e in SF and able to attend our annual event, we鈥檙e sure you鈥檒l be hitting up brunch pre-festival today 鈥 if not, brunch is probably still happening in your life ;)

Either way, make sure you鈥檙e all caught up on all of this week鈥檚 news before greeting your gals and diving into the gossip. Check out everything you may have missed below 鈥 you know you don鈥檛 want to be left out of any mimosa-fueled convos.

1. Let鈥檚 Play Celebrity: Not only did Taylor Swift get THE coolest DIY sweater from a fan, but she also became the most followed celeb on Instagram this week. Though TayTay was having a pretty badass week, her alleged 鈥淏ad Blood鈥 rival didn鈥檛 as she fell off a segway at Burning Man. In non-Taylor-related celeb news, Reese Witherspoon shared a sweet HBD side-by-side snap of her daughter, we figured out what Britney Spears is gonna be for Halloween (spoiler: Mermaidney), Alexa Chung debuted an app and Game of Thrones鈥 Maisie Williams launched a YouTube channel. Entertainment-wise, Netflix announced its next Marvel series and the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown is an actual place we can all visit! (Photo via @taylorswift)

2. Child Chatter: Cuteness alert 鈥 new pictures of JT and Jessica Biel鈥檚 son Silas! Chic alert 鈥 we got a peek at Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent鈥檚 nursery for little lady Poppy! Round of applause alert 鈥 parental leave is getting more seamless c/o this co. Need it now alert 鈥 a body temperature-adjusting baby swaddle. And that鈥檚 all you need to know about the children this week ;) (Photos via @fallontonight)

3. Tech Talk: SO MUCH APPLE NEWS THIS WEEK! After absorbing all of that iOS upgrade-worthy news you鈥檙e gonna want to share with your tech-savvy friends the iOS 9.1 emojis coming to our keyboards real soon, Minnie Mouse鈥檚 debut on Instagram, Windows 10 secret spying capabilities, an app that predicts who you are based on your FB deets and Google鈥檚 WebMD-alternative feature. Need more to discuss? Have no fear, as there鈥檚 plenty of Instagram-related news. There are science-backed ways to get more double taps, there鈥檚 a study that reveals your personality based on your filter of choiceand there鈥檚 a special feed for all you missing out on NYFW to not suffer from too much FOMO. (Photo via Apple)

4. Style Session: This week gave us style inspo in the form of Parenthood鈥檚 Erika Christensen鈥檚 mesh wedding dress and Amy Schumer鈥檚 fall cardigan. It supplied hair envy via Victoria Beckham鈥檚 bangs, Sienna Miller鈥檚 red hair and Kaley Cuoco鈥檚 short hair braid (and a growing man bun). And it provided plain ole inspo by way of the #BORNandMADE campaign, a video about loving one鈥檚 stretch marks, Target鈥檚 body positive move and even Google鈥檚 suuuuuper coolMade With Code NYFW dress. After all that fashion inspo talk, get to the strictly stylish stuff by way of Ellen鈥檚 upcoming shoe collection, dELiA*s launching adult-sized options, Lauren Conrad鈥檚 NYFW show, Pantone鈥檚 spring 2016 colors, Honest Beauty, a shoe collection ideal for ladies with wide feet and the budget-friendly alternative to recreating Kylie Jenner鈥檚 beauty routine. Go forth and be stylish. (Photo via #BORNandMADE)

5. Breaking Bread: Here鈥檚 all your culinary news for this week: Target in Chicago could start serving you alcohol while you shop, Starbucks has hard cider-inspired teas for the fall, Keurig now has a soup K-cupsand Sarah Michelle Gellar is releasing baking kits. Now go indulge in alllllllllllll of that deliciousness with your BFFs. (Photo via Foodstirs)

6. Creative Convo Starters: Re:Make is providing plenty of creative moments for you and your crew to be inspired this weekend, but if y鈥檃ll are unable to attend, there鈥檚 a handful of other inspo-inducing topics to share as well. From tips on what you鈥檙e doing wrong with your resume to why leaving work early is actually good for you, there鈥檚 plenty of fodder to ponder. Need more? Let your pals in on some secrets: Book clubs are healthy for relationships (and so is this video series), there are tricks to聽succeeding, breathing helps聽curb stress, single people are happy people and solo vacays are great.

Meet you back here next week, same time, same place ;)

What topics will be tossed around the table between you and your brunch buds this weekend? Let us know in the comments.