Guess what?! It’s Saturday, meaning those weeklong daydreams about brunch can turn into action because the weekend was made for those mimosa accompanied meals (and nothing else). Pre-food + gossip you better catch up on all of this week’s news you may have missed. We know you’re a busy lady but we don’t want you to be heading into the lion’s den unarmed for current events convos, especially when it comes to debates centering around the election and Planned Parenthood. Check out the need-to-know topics below so you can soar through any + all brunch convos like the queen you are.

1. Let’s Play Celebrity: Yeah, this week may have felt like it was a celebrity breakup avalanche but there was actually plenty of happy news coming from Hollywood too, like weddings galore. Examples include Jennifer Aniston + Justin Theroux, Olympic skater Blake Skjellerup to stylist Saul Carrasco, Bachelor in Paradise‘s Marcus Grodd + Lacy Faddoul and the civil wedding of Monaco royalty Beatrice Borromeo + Pierre Casiraghi. Cool, right? But definitely not as out-of-this-world amazing as the news that Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols will ride on an official NASA flight. Yep, Nichelle wins the week by flying above us all. (Photo via Michelle Morgan)

2. Child Chatter: Babies, we can never get enough of ’em. And we’re sure your brunchmates can’t either. This week provided us with plenty of new creative names to draw from. There was Ice-T + Coco’s future little lady’s glamorous one, Charlize Theron’s timely choice for her adopted gal, Ashlee Simpson’s rock star-ready selection and Macklemore’s song-worthy pick. Aside from names, toddler talk should without a doubt include what Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) texted Blake post-birth, Brooklyn Decker’s mommy moments, that sweet dad who got a tattoo in solidarity with his daugther’s diagnosis and an update on Instagram’s breastfeeding snaps. Oh, and definitely share that viral video of an excited husband announcing his wife’s pregnancy… to his wife!

3. Tech Talk: Did you and your girls (+ guys) use Khloe Kardashian’s new app to figure out where brunch would be held this week? Because you should have. If you DLed that one (or Facebook’s celebrity live streaming one) or not, there’s plenty of ways to talk techy to one another over eggs benedict. Give your group the heads up that FB PDA, though annoying to friends, is actually good for your relationship, what Instagram accounts are best to follow for news + that you can now shop on the photo sharing platform, how to take magazine-quality iPhone snaps, an essential email hack, the possibility of a customizable Gmail address and a button to something elusive: maximum productivity. P.S. if you’ve got a bestie that’s an engineer, make sure she joins the trending hashtag #ILookLikeanEngineer. (Photo via @isisAnchalee)

4. Style Session: It’s time to get down to beauty business. You’re sure to be talking about where to shop for fall, which will inevitably lead to style news like Shay Mitchell’s Kohl’s athleisure line, first looks at dELiA*s comeback + Target’s plus-size line, Topshop’s eco-friendly collection, Solange’s Puma collab, a sunglasses co for Asian face shapes, watercolor wedding shoes and Joe’s Jeans smartphone charging jeans. Style chat without a doubt will evolve into breaking beauty info and there was plenty of that. We got details about everything from a subscription box from Sephora, Louboutin lipstick, Audrey Hepburn’s eyelash hack, a viral earring trick, a new Kim K makeup + shampoo secret, a Miley Cyrus zit hack and an interesting Japanese beauty trend. But what’s a beauty discussion without hair?! You better believe there was no shortage in that category. Katy Perry + Gigi Hadid both went different shades of ombre, Kim K went shorter (or just took out her extensions), Rumer Willis added length and a man bun continued to grow. Keep the hair talk strong with tips from Chrissy Teigen’s hairstylist, a secret drugstore hair hack and a blingy upgrade to your hair tie. Then finish up on an inspo note by dreaming about owning Bey’s diamond shoes, subscribing to this body positive YouTube channel and promising yourself + each other you will rock polka dots like Meryl/January Jones and clashing patterns similar to Kerry. (Photo via BitterSweet)

5. Breaking Bread: Though not many things could top brunch, we’ve definitely found a contender: a yoga studio that sells cookies and is filled with cats! Yeah that decked out Bloody Mary isn’t looking all that impressive anymore, huh? Other than that Earth-shattering revelation, your table needs to be gossiping about kombucha, a Baja California-style Chipotle competitor, the possibility of a gourmet McDonald’s breakfast menu, a gadget that turns all your food into caviar-like beads and beer pong’s makeover. Then just do a collective LOL about that Whole Foods asparagus water situation. (Photo via @lovetram)

6. Creative Convo Starters: Are you always getting texts from your girls (or sending ’em) about how cold your office is? Mystery solved. Once you’re all done screaming expletives about that workplace issue to one another move on to blaming your mom for those awful math skills THEN proceed to more uplifting topics, like creativity. Ask your GFs if they knew cleaning can help beat creative blocks, that music makes y’all smarter and that spending time in a gorgeous flower nursery can offer plenty of inspo. Speaking of inspo, introduce your lady friends to’s Jen Gotch and other #girlbosses featured in our #IAmaBoss series (and encourage them to join the series) or challenge each other to a beer brew-off as you pinky swear you’ll go to Re:Make together ;)

What will you and your brunchmates be chatting about this weekend? Share those topics in the comments.