K-beauty’s innovations can be pretty out-there (snail cream, anyone?). Nonetheless, with the rise in popularity for sheet masks, beauty junkies have also been turned onto bubble masks, a skincare concoction that fizzes up on your face. While the mask claims some cool skin benefits like clearing blackheads and deep cleaning your pores, you can look pretty silly doing it, and one woman’s super hilarious snaps of her encounter with a bubble mask have gone mega-viral.

Yesterday, Reddit user ZeApollo posted some pics from his friend who was trying out a charcoal bubble mask. “I am a cloud,” she wrote in one early snap. “It won’t stop,” the gal pal wrote on the next.

The photos were quickly upvoted by Redditors, with lots of comments including comparisons to Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants or the trolls from Frozen. One commenter even said she looked like Papa Smurf. All we know is it’s hilarious.

And it’s not the first time bubble masks have gotten laughs online — nor the first time comparisons to a cloud and statements about a bubble mask that won’t quit have been made. Last year, Reddit user whiskeypebbler posted her experience with the mask. Whiskeypebbler even admitted to laughing at herself so hard she cried.

Hopefully the ordeal was worth it and they both came away with silky smooth skin!

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(h/t POPSUGAR; photos via ZeApollo/Reddit + whiskeypebbler/Reddit)