Royals — they’re just like us! Well, apart from the outrageously expensive engagement rings and perfect fashion sense, that is. Oh, and the whole ruling countries bit. Okay, so there’s a bit of a gap there, but one thing they DO have in common with us mere mortals, however, is their love of the holiday season. They too are prepping for Christmas by decorating the Royal pad in the most extra of ways — just check out what they did to Buckingham Palace!

The halls are most definitely decked, ladies and gents as the palace is now home to tons of trees, included a 15-foot Nordmann fir, and two smaller 10-foot versions at the Grand Entrance, which are festooned with plenty of pretty ornaments. It’s fitting, since, as the Royal family revealed on Twitter, the Christmas tree was actually introduced to Britain in the 18th century by Queen Charlotte, “consort of King George III.” Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were also big fans of the tradition, making it a popular holiday staple.

Buckingham Palace Crown Christmas Tree Ornaments

But these aren’t your average decorations. While there’s plenty of the normal glass spheres that likely adorn your tree at home hanging from the Royal boughs, there’s also some extra-special pieces, like the tiny Royal crown pictured above.

The gilt-bronze balustrades on the grand staircase, installed in 1828 during the reign of King George IV, are also strewn with lush garlands and peppered with colorful orbs throughout.

Check out all their festivity in the fact-filled video below!

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(Photos via The Royal Family/YouTube)