We love burgers, and who doesn’t? They’re the perfect summer time BBQ food, great as a special late-night treat, and even adorable as clothing and accessories. But as a toothpaste? Count us out on that one. Burger King is counting on people loving burgers so much that they want to brush their teeth with them.

In the French commercial, Burger King is offering whopper flavored toothpaste for those who don’t want to lose the taste of the delicious burger during the day. The hilarious spoof features a man whose wife dumped him because he refuses to brush his teeth for two weeks in order to savor the Whopper flavor longer.

So, this is clearly an April Fool’s joke, but we totally could see some intrepid fans who really want to experience burger flavored toothpaste being all for this. The company’s gone so far as to create advertisements to coincide with the commercial.

Even though the idea sounds not-quite-appealing, we’ll be honest — some of us actually would try it but probably immediately brush with regular toothpaste to get the burger flavor out of our mouths.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; Photos via Burger King + Justin Sullivan/Getty)