We don’t know about you, but circa sixth grade, we developed a bit of a castle complex while studying up on medieval times (we blame Disney). Despite the fact that our teachers stressed how cold and unglamorous life in a stone tower could be, we couldn’t quite seem to shake our fascination with castles — the moats, the secret chambers, what wasn’t to love?

Alas, since we’re not, you know, princesses or anything, living in one of these architectural masterpieces always seemed ever so slightly out of reach… until now.

A tiny 19th century stonewalled castle dubbed Molly’s Lodge is up for grabs near Cotswolds for about $687,000 USD. Designed by Edward Blore (the same bloke responsible for finalizing John Nash’s Buckingham Palace design), the exterior of this stunning structure looks as authentic as they come, except with a far more cozy interior than the dungeon-esque hallways we dreamed up in our youth.

Instead, this one-bed, one-bath (thought to be UK’s smallest castle, according to Business Insider), boasts a Victorian cast-iron fireplace, wrought-iron stairways, oak doorways and wood floors, and two inviting reception spaces. There’s also an adjacent garage/office space to safely store your ride. What’s more, in place of a moat, there’s a gorgeous ornamental pond.

Though this gem is still just out of our price range (drats!), it gives us hope that we, too, will someday be able to live like the royals — swoon!

Check out the listing in full over at Savallis.

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(h/t Teen Vogue, photos via Savillis)