We’ve got a sweet deal for you! Today (1/12) and tomorrow (1/13) you can learn more and save more in the Brit + Co Shop. How? By pairing a few of our online classes together. You’re gonna knock the socks off your “Learn Something New” resolution!

Here’s everything you need to know about our two-day offer:

  • Get 10 percent off when you buy one online class.
  • Get 20 percent off when you buy two online classes.
  • Get 30 percent off when you buy three online classes.

The discount will deduct at checkout. So what are you waiting for? Buy more online classes, learn new skills and SAVE! Need help getting started? Scroll on for fun, skill-based class pairings.

*Please note: This offer excludes all Class Kits (including the Class and Kit Bundle).


Pair all three classes together for just $75 (originally $107).


1. Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($29): Calling all bloggers! Photography pro Lindsay Ostrom shares all of her behind-the-lens tips and tricks. Learn the basics of your camera, as well as how to light and style your shoot. At the end, you’ll see a notable difference in your photography.


2. Adobe Lightroom Online Class ($39): Let’s make better photos! In this class, Sakura will teach you how to edit photos like a pro using Adobe Lightroom. Learn how to use various tools and modes to make your photos perfect for a blog, Instagram account or print.


3. Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): Learn how to create adorable birthday invitations from start to finish with Adobe Illustrator. Alexi is here to teach you how to work with color tools, create shapes and add gorgeous typography.


Pair all three classes together for just $75 (originally $107).


1. HTML + CSS Coding Online Class ($39): Ready to create a personal page, a great new blog or a professional portfolio? All you need is some basic web design direction to get the job done. In Alison’s online class, you’ll learn the basics of coding and web page design in just under an hour.


2. Coding: From Web Page to Website Online Class ($39): Taking your coding skills to the next level. Allison is here (again) to teach you how to plan and build a beautiful multi-page website. In her class, you’ll learn how to wireframe, layout in HTML + CSS and check and upload your code to the web.


3. How to Crush It on Instagram Online Class ($29): Learn how to create beautiful Instagram posts that celebrate YOU. Irene will teach you photo styling tips, mobile photography basics and how to promote your personal or professional brand on Instagram.


Pair all three classes together for just $40 (originally $57).

wine and painting

1. Acrylic Painting Online Class ($19): Set up a palette, blend colors and use various painting techniques in this online class. Plus, Courtney will give you a brush-up on color theory to help you dream up your next abstract masterpiece.


2. Watercolor Painting Online Class ($19): In this class, you’ll start with a basic introduction to watercolor tools. Then you’ll learn various brush strokes to paint a flower arrangement, one petal at a time.


3. Illustration With Watercolor Online Class ($19): Find creativity and relaxation through Meera’s meditative style of painting. In her class, you’ll learn how to illustrate animals and flowers with watercolor paint.


Pair all three classes together for just $40 (originally $57).


1. Embroidery Online Class ($19): In this class, Kristen will teach you to master the back stitch, the satin stitch and the French knot. Plus you’ll learn how to hold your needle and how to tie off the thread to finish your embroidery project.


2. Knitting Online Class ($19): In this class, you’ll learn how to hand-knit a modern snood. This includes how to start your project, hold the needle and do basic stitches.


3. Quilting Online Class ($19): Libs is here to help you experience the joy of quilt making by hand. In her class, you’ll learn how to cut, piece, stitch and assemble a gorgeous quilt.


Pair all three classes together for just $54 (originally $77).


1. Hand-Lettering Online Class ($19): In Danielle’s class, you’ll learn how to hold a pen, create letters and form phrases. At the end of her class, you’ll make a collection of custom goods, including greeting cards and wall art.


2. Calligraphy 101 Online Class ($29): Take your calligraphy skills from amateur to pro with this online course. You’ll learn the basics of numbers, as well as upper and lower case letters. You’ll walk away with six hand-lettered greeting cards of your own.


3. Brush Calligraphy Online Class ($29): In this class, Jessica will teach you how to letter the full alphabet using a paintbrush and watercolor. Then she’ll walk you through tips and tricks for how to create a design layout with your favorite quote.


Pair all three classes together for just $54 (originally $77).


1. Handbag Design With Rebecca Minkoff Online Class ($39): Designer Rebecca Minkoff shares insider tips about what goes into handbag design. In her online class, she’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a designer-inspired leather fringe clutch.


2. Knotted Jewelry Making Online Class ($19): Ready to make a knotty statement necklace? The mother-daughter duo from Knotty Gal will teach you three different decorative knots. This includes a simple knot, an intermediate knot and an intricate knot.


3. Jewelry Making + Metalworking Online Class ($19): Make a pair of teardrop earrings using metalworking tools and forging techniques. With the help of Tiffany, you’ll learn about metal types, how to use each tool and the basics of forging.

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