LAX, bye! There’s a way cooler way to travel between LA and San Francisco that doesn’t involve a first-class plane ticket. Cabin is the new luxury bus line that will offer one-way tickets between Rincon Park and Santa Monica Pier starting at $115. Yes, that’s about what it would cost you to fly from SFO to LAX, but these bus pods are WAY more comfy. Now you can snooze to your destination in what Tom Currier, CEO and co-founder of Cabin, calls “a hotel that moves from one place to the other.”

Cabin’s one-of-a-kind moving hotel wants to combine convenient transportation and accommodation into one easy (and fun!) experience that lets you travel while you sleep. Much like a plane, you’re only allowed two pieces of luggage plus a carry-on, and you’re not allowed to bring alcohol onboard. Don’t worry, though, Cabin will provide evening and morning refreshments, as well as a light snack.

Each bus has 24 cabins with beds, a full bathroom, and a lounge where you can kick back and relax for the six- to eight-hour journey. There are power outlets, soft bedding, WiFi, and even an on-call attendant who can bring you tea while you binge on Netflix. The bus leaves Santa Monica at 11pm and arrives in San Francisco at 7am.

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(Photos via Ride Cabin)