We’ve all been there, it’s barely noon and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. It can be hard to keep your energy levels up sans caffeine with the stressors and responsibilities of everyday life. That’s why we’ve partnered up with our friends at GoMacro to bring you tips on how to keep yourself feeling energized all day. These habits are easy to implement into your daily routine, and you won’t even think twice about going for a cup of joe.

Less stress, more YESSSS ;)

Warning, after you read these tips you might just forget about your dreams of an afternoon catnap. Read on!

TIP #1: Take five minutes and head outside for a quick walk. Getting a breath of fresh air is a guaranteed way to re-energize your mind and body. If you have coworkers, suggest to them that you move some of your weekly meetings to walking meetings. If you WFH or don’t have any coworkers, set a daily alarm to remind yourself to take a break and go outside for a solo stroll. Researchers suggest that walking outside allows your body to switch from stress-mode to rest-mode, allowing you to feel more relaxed and ready to take on whatever comes your direction.

TIP #2: Stay hydrated. This seems like a no-brainer, but it is SO important and effective. Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk and set phone reminders throughout the day that remind you to refill your bottle. If you need even more incentive to drink water, add some fresh fruit or herbs to it, creating a spa-like experience in any environment. Although everyone requires a different amount of H2O to stay hydrated, health experts suggest consuming 2-3 liters a day. To measure how much you are drinking and to challenge yourself to consume your daily fill, put a rubber band or hair tie around your reusable bottle each time you finish a serving. When you hit your goal, you'll feel accomplished and will notice a difference in your energy levels.

TIP #3: Keep nutrient-rich snacks handy. Having snacks that are full of healthy AND delicious ingredients will give you an energy boost when you start to feel drowsy. At B+C, we love these delicious plant-based bars by GoMacro. The MacroBars come in 14 tasty flavors like Banana + Almond Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Keep one in your drawer at work or in your bag when you are on-the-go. It’s a great pre- or post-workout snack.

P.S. GoMacro MacroBars are made with 100 percent renewable energy and sustainably grown ingredients by a mother-daughter owned and operated team. Does it get any better than that?


TIP #4: Take a conversation break. Taking a quick screen break to chat about a project or brainstorm with your coworkers will leave you feeling refreshed and may lead to some great, innovative ideas! If you’d rather take a true break from your work, you could start a book club and hold weekly discussions. If you don’t have coworkers, give a friend or family member a call and do a quick catch-up.

TIP #5: Make an energizing playlist. There’s no denying that music can help alter your mood and change your energy levels. For tips on creating the ultimate energizing playlist, check out this article.

With these tips and GoMacro MacroBars on your side, you’ll be feeling energized all day long. And guess what, we're offering our readers an exclusive discount on these yummy MacroBars. Use the code BRITCO30 at GoMacro.com to get 30% off your order plus free shipping. Woot woot!

B+C Studios in partnership with GoMacro.

Photographer: Brittany Griffin

Production / Art Direction: Cassidy Miller

Models: Latoya Hall, Kayla Haykin, Anjelika Temple

HMU: Eliza Veal