We were pretty bummed, though not entirely shocked, to hear the breaking news that a daily nibble of chocolate + nightly glass of red wine wasn’t exactly the same as taking a multi-vitamin. Okay, okay, we absolutely did know that, but at least we wanted to be able to tack the coveted title of “good for you” on our 3:00PM chocolate break. Or at least “not bad for you”! Well, it looks like we might be able to again soon. One man has created something that’s been present in our dreams but missing from our real-life snack break all this time: a Willy Wonka-style, zero-calorie solution to our chocolate cravings.

Ian Goldfarb has your future need for Reese’s solved with a little pocket-size product called Cravings. The zero-calorie, sugar-free edible film dissolves on your tongue similar to a Listerine strip. Just like little Violet Beauregarde got to experience at the Chocolate Factory, Cravings can take on the taste of absolutely any flavor, making that decadent multi-course meal a few tongue-fulls of guilt-free, tasty tastebud tingles away.

The chocolate strips won’t have health benefits, the only daily need they could support are your cravings (hence our unscientific, untested, un-FDA-approved “not bad for you” vs. “good for you” label). With them, you could calm your needy sweet tooth without going off of a diet or without disappointing your dentist. The idea is to make them in a multitude of naughty flavors, think potato chips and pizza. Although just a taste is better than nothing, we don’t know if potato chips without the crunch or pizza minus the gooey cheese will quiet our craving in all cases.

In the video for his now-closed Kickstarter campaign, Ian asks: “I don’t want to live in a world where I have to choose between what’s good for me and what tastes good — do you?” No, Ian, no we do not. Unfortunately, the pledging window closed days ago before the product met its goal. We reached out to Ian to find out what’s next for Cravings and to see if he would still find a way to make them. Stay tuned! Anyone have, like, some chocolate gum or somethin’ in the meantime?! :-X

Would you nosh on zero-calorie, edible, chocolate-flavored film? Think it would solve your snacking needs? What flavor would YOU vote for? Share below :)

(h/t Time)