Most people would agree: cancer sucks. It’s awful whether you’re going through it yourself or watching a loved one suffer. These days, many brave people are using their personal experiences to come forward and create products that strive to help others going through similar challenges come together. The latest takes one of our favorite creative hobbies (coloring for adults) and uses it as art therapy to cheer patients up. Check out the latest need-to-know Kickstarter, “Hello My Name is Cancer.”

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Yep, founders Kim Kovel and Mark Smith know that you might think their idea is flippant, but there may just be some truth to that old saying “laughter is the best medicine.” After Kim was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma earlier this year, the two innovative minds believed that they could do something to bring a little lightness to a scary, dark and confusing diagnosis. They set to work creating a coloring book with activity pages including word searches and mazes.


Their goal is to distribute 1,000 coloring books to the American Cancer Institute’s leading cancer centers.


So far, their Kickstarter campaign has raised over double their initial $15,000 asking goal. And even better news? Kim is in remission now!

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