No matter how fancy we get with our tech accessories, we鈥檒l always have a soft spot in our hearts for anything made of cardboard. It鈥檚 lightweight, sustainable and when used right, can be super stylish. Our latest obsession in thick brown paper is the Safari iPad Stand from Cardboard Safari.聽It鈥檚 a cardboard stand that pays tribute to the days of antenna-topped boob tubes by turning your iPad into just that.

To use the stand, just slip your iPad in for a throwback viewing experience 鈥 no antenna聽required. Then use it as a tabletop way to binge re-watch all of John Oliver鈥檚聽Last Week Tonight聽episodes. But please feel free to think outside of the cardboard box; use your hip new iPad holder in your kitchen to display recipes, hand it over to the kiddos and let them go crazy with their favorite new聽learning apps聽or gather round for some much needed FaceTime with far away family and friends.

We鈥檙e totally head over heels for this retro cardboard stand, and as with all products from Cardboard Safari, it鈥檚 shipped to you disassembled with instructions on how to put it together. A DIY and a sweet iPad stand in one? Go ahead and buy your own right here for $30.

We鈥檇 love to know your favorite cardboard pieces for your home. Talk to us in the comments!

(h/t聽Design Milk)