Career advice that’s specific to you is sometimes hard to come by, especially if you’re a new graduate looking to land your first job or tips for a career change into a new industry. Find Your Calling, a new, free site from Career Builder, can help you out. It aggregates statistics and analytics and can help you narrow in on several career paths that might be of interest based on a six-question survey. From there, it asks what level of education you’d like to pursue (high school, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree) and it will spit out potential opportunities based on your strengths.


Using the site, you can discover career categories you’d be interested in, such as business and management or art and design, and then choose your state to see all sorts of interesting facts, such as the current number of people in that position, the average salary and if it’s a growing industry. You can then search for school programs that support these career paths in your area.


A quick search yielded 16 career categories for exploration and over 50 potential careers, with salaries ranging from $25K to six figures, including quite a few “high matches.” It then recommended several schools in the state that could help meet your goals.

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The goal of Find Your Calling is to not only help you match with a career you might be interested in, but to also help combat high school dropout rates. If you plan early, you can get excited about working toward a concrete goal, and knowing you have options can help you stay motivated. Plus, it results not only in people being more qualified for jobs, but people who love their jobs (just like us!).

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