Cats are magical, magical creatures. We love them so much, in fact, that we’re happy to incorporate them into nearly every aspect of our lives, from our yoga classes to our wine drinking sessions. We draw the line, however, at their litter boxes. Sans for cleaning it out on the reg, we stay as far away as we can get from our feline friends’ bathroom facilities. One luxury beauty brand, Hermetise, is going straight to the source, however, to scoop, erm, fresh ingredients for its $1,600 face creams. Namely? Animal feces.

According to Bustle, the poop of an Asian member of the cat family known as the Civet is being harvested by farmers who want it for the undigested coffee beans found within. Known as Kopi Luwak, the beans are the most expensive coffee beans in the world and are a constant staple of the Civet’s diet.

As the brand explained in a press release, “The Civet likes to eat cherry beans, and while they love the taste, they are unable to break down the seed during digestion, which produces a particular fermentation. When the Civet does his “business,” what is left is highly fermented beans which farmers then collect, wash, dry, sort, and finally roast them into this expensive and extraordinary coffee.”

Heremetise then takes the coffee, mixes it with 24K gold (yes, really) and oxygen, for a formula that’s meant to help “de-pollute, revive, and renew” the skin. It’s the third and final product in a three-step treatment that rings in at around $4,994.

You read that right — $4,994 to rub beans harvested from animal feces all over your face. Honestly, even if we could afford to drop that kinda cash on our skincare, we’d still be slightly skeptical!

Still, people seem to love the line, with five-star reviews galore and comments such as, “Amazing treatment, my fine lines are all gone.” We guess never say never…

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photo via Getty)