Eyebrow Envy: 19 Famous Brows You’ll Want to Copy
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Eyebrow Envy: 19 Famous Brows You’ll Want to Copy

Raise your brow… err, we mean hand if you constantly find yourself trying to copy your favorite celebrity’s beauty look. While punchy lipsticks and perfectly curled lashes have something to do with it, we’re guessing the real statement-making feature you’re trying to emulate are those perfectly groomed brows. Did we guess right? While we can’t afford a whopping $125 for a waxing sesh with a famous makeup artist, we’ve discovered a few easy tips and tricks to recreate these 19 enviable arches. 

Tip #1: Powders, pencils and creams are your friends. But, we warn you, apply these wisely. You don’t want to end up looking like Burt. We personally love this foolproof palette from Too Faced ($39). It comes with stencils and two colors to get the perfect shape and shade.

Tip#2: Brush up. You can’t always fake a full look, even with the help of pencils and powders. Pick up this little brow comb from Sonia Kashuk ($3) and brush your hairs upward to fake fullness and give you a wildly cool look.

Tip #3: Don’t overdo it. We’ve all suffered from tweezer-happy syndrome, and it ain’t pretty. The best way to avoid the scary over-plucked look is to start with only tweezing stray hairs. Step away every few hairs and evaluate.

And without further ado, get ready for some serious brow-sing! 

1. Rita Ora: True or False: Mismatching your eyebrows to your hair is considered a faux pas in the beauty world. Rita Ora is hear to prove that it’s 100% false. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

2. Karlie Kloss: We’re jealous of Karlie Kloss for two reasons — her BFF status with Taylor Swift and those hard-to-pull-off sharp eyebrows. (via Vigorously Flourish)

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Mary-Kate and Ashley are not only savvy business women, but the pint-sized fashion gurus have some pretty covetable brows, too. (via Posh 24)

4. Emilia Clarke: Whether she’s rocking stark white hair or au naturel locks, one thing’s for certain, Emilia Clarke has some of the best brows in the biz. Not a stray hair in sight. (via Crystal Dolls)

5. Jennifer Connelly: Like Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly has a set of smolderingly thick brows that are totally iconic. (via Refinery29)

6. Audrey Hepburn: We constantly find ourselves asking, “WWAD?” (What would Audrey do?), and we think Audrey would tell us to let those brows be bold, dark and beautiful. (via Lamb + Blonde)

7. Camilla Belle: If there’s an award for the most perfectly groomed bold brow, we think Camilla Belle would take home the trophy. (via Lipstick)

8. Sophia Loren: Nobody oozes sexiness quite like Sophia Loren. Her dramatic, overly arched brows are the very definition of Old Hollywood glamour. (via Suzy Clark Makeup Artist)

9. Lily Collins: Her brows have their own Twitter feed, @iamthebrows. Enough said. Now, brow down. (via Beauty High)

10. Eva Mendes: Hey girl, Ryan Gosling likes thinner eyebrows. Get on it… (via Kirsten Kelly)

11. Olivia Palermo: It’s no surprise that queen of chic, Olivia Palermo has some of the best well-groomed brows around. When she’s feeling a little more daring, the socialite-turned-reality-star-turned-designer fakes fullness by brushing up. (via Bella Sugar)

12. Bambi Northwood-Blyth: With a name like Bambi and a pair of ferociously bold brows, it’s no wonder the model has graced the pages of pretty much every fashion magazine ever. (via Who What Wear)

13. Kate Moss: Remember when wispy thin eyebrows were in? Well, that’s all thanks to the Moss Boss. So, for any of you ladies looking to bring the ’90s back, start tweezing. (via Byrdie)

14. Keira Knightley: She has a sexy British accent AND full, thick brows?! Not fair. But seriously, the girl doesn’t even need an arch. (via ELLE)

15. Elizabeth Taylor: Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most alluring women to walk this earth, and her brows may have something to do with it. (via Glamour)

16. Angelina Jolie: Heavy brows aren’t for everyone which is why we’re infatuated with Angelina’s slim arches. Plus, you know that badass eyebrow raise she does? We think that’s what got Brad. (via Glamour)

17. Chloe Grace Moretz: Not only is she one of our favorite actresses, but this budding star has some very killer brows, too. These are the perfect in-between for those who don’t dare do a Cara… yet! (via Hawt Celebs)

18. Lauren Conrad: Gorgeous wavy hair and the perfect winged eyeliner aren’t LC’s only beauty tricks. The beauty guru has mastered the perfect brow, too. Can you say #flawless? (via Lauren Conrad)

19. Cara Delevingne: Last but not least is THE BROW, Cara Delevingne. She’s been dubbed the new Brooke Shields and arguably has the most sought-after eyebrows on the planet right now. The girl has practically made a career from ’em! No one does a bodacious brow quite like Cara – she is single-handedly killing the tweezer industry. (via Harper’s BAZAAR)

Before you run to the beauty counter to stock up on tweezers, powders and brushes, tell us, which celeb’s arches are you coveting?