12 Best Celebrity Hairstyles on Instagram This Week: Halloween Edition!
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12 Best Celebrity Hairstyles on Instagram This Week: Halloween Edition!

In the slay-or-be-slayed world of celebrity beauty, a simple haircut can make or break your career (let’s all observe a moment of silence for Felicity’s curls). Thankfully, Halloween brings us an extra-special dose of trick-or-treat magic, when we can throw out the rules and simply let chaos reign. And with all the Halloween dramz still fresh in the air, we spied a number of newsworthy tidbits, ranging from stars with fresh new shag haircuts to actual celeb-led treasure hunts! As always, there was no shortage of hairspiration to be had, whether it’s the fun All Hallow’s Eve hues we saw on Cindy Crawford or the messy-pretty look of the popular knotted ponytail. Take a look at these next 12 finds and see for yourself what happens when Hollywood gets ready for Halloween.

1. Cindy Crawford: Let’s start things off with a bang (or blowout) courtesy of legendary model Cindy Crawford in an ultra-rare selfie, giving us a peek of her candy corn-hued hair. We never took this fashion icon for the Halloween-loving type, but knowing she’s festive at heart makes us love her even more.

2. Naomi Campbell: Naomi is another iconic beauty, known for her amazingly long locks and killer style. She really brought the glam factor this week, completing this sparkly costume with a sexy updo and romantic flowers in her hair.

3. Elsa Hosk: Um, rumor has it that this Swedish beauty could’ve been the inspo for Frozen‘s Elsa — and we totally see why. After a few glances at her gorg Insta fed, we were totally convinced. That pretty messy bun with those face-framing strands all but announces to the world that she’s here to slay — oh, sorry, we totally meant stay.

4. Katy Perry: YAASSS! The playful pop star Katy Perry brings on the giggles in this primping-selfie featuring a ridiculous beehive wig. It feels like forever since she graced us with an Instagram selfie, and we’re super happy that she did!

5. Christina Milian: After being spotted with her ex Nick Cannon (arousing our suspicions of a possible reconciliation), Christina stopped us in our gossipy tracks when she debuted this jaw-dropping selfie. We know, we know — metallics are in, but in case you didn’t notice, that wig’s made of actual metal! Talk about taking industrial chic to the next level.

6. Shay Mitchell: Shay Mitchell’s haute and she knows it. Flaunting what must be her sexiest look ever, she totally helped us get past all the phases of our PLL-mourning.

7. Chloe Grace Moretz: OMG, is the pouf making a comeback? Chloe is one of our fave Hollywood hair icons, and she’s not the first celeb we spotted with this gravity-defying ‘do. Only time will tell, so keep your eyes peeled (and we will too).

8. Ashlee Simpson: Jessica WHO? Ashlee’s far from living in her big sister’s shadow, and here she is looking festive and WOW-worthy to prove it. She’s pictured along with her aww-dorable family, and we’re super impressed by her bold and ginormous blonde wig.

9. Ashley Benson: The ending of PLL turns out to have been the very best thing to happen to celebrity hair in recent history. Along with Shay, her former PLL co-star Ashley absolutely killed it this week with a newly cropped lob. We lost it over those pretty messy waves and platinum tips.

10. Nicki Minaj: Nicki looks tres chic rocking long, smoothed-out tresses. This look gets our vote for her new signature style. It’s not often that we see her without a trendy or colorful ‘do, and what a treat it is when we see her go glam.

11. Kylie Jenner: Yes, she’s back on our weekly hair radar, but she totally deserves it thanks to her Christina Aguilera Halloween costume that rocked our world. Not only did she revive Xtina’s Dirrty-era look, but the queen of all things trendy even got Xtina’s hard-earned stamp of approval. Way to go, Kylie!

12. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: After Kylie’s dirrrty display, let’s end on a refreshingly classy note with a look so jaw-dropping, it transcends all trends. Rosie proves that perfection never gets old. Her long down ‘do features an elegant side part, with her strands blown out to shiny perfection. #Goals.

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