20 Celebs’ Kitchens We Want to Eat a Meal (or Two!) in
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20 Celebs’ Kitchens We Want to Eat a Meal (or Two!) in

Manolo Blahnik-filled closets and five car garages aren’t the only enviable areas of celebs’ homes these days. With stars taking their turn wearing the “lifestyle guru” apron and even more Instagramming what’s for dinner, the glammaratzi’s galleys have become tres chic. From the star-studded clientele dining, baking and ‘gramming at Chez Swift to the family fun cooking over at Jessica Alba’s casa, here’s where the meal magic happens for some of our favorite celebrities!

Taylor Swift: If Instagram has taught us anything it’s that everything looks good in Lo Fi and Taylor Swift is a domestic goddess. It was tough for us to nail down which of all of the kitchens Taylor frequently cooks and bakes and DIYs in is actually hers, so we decided to feature all of her kitchens and any kitchen linked to the pop country kween. In the above, we’re loving the decorated ovens and the cute tic tac toe rug!

TayTay’s Beverly Hills kitchen is surprisingly the most lowkey out of all of them — maybe extra reason why she’s usually spotted in Nashville. (via Zillow)

Nashville is where the magic happens, both in Swift’s music and meal-making. Here’s a look at some of the kitchens in her TN homes and apartment. (via Front Door + In Touch)

Taylor’s latest real estate purchase is in NYC. Her Big Apple penthouse (actually… penthouseS, the songstress spent $19 mil on two neighboring apartments previously owned by director Peter Jackson) features a kitchen spacious enough for entertaining. Good thing, because Beyonce, Jay-Z and JT are all close by in her new Tribeca ‘hood. (via Realestalker)

Courteney Cox: We are digging the mix of modern, luxe bright white everything splashed with greenery and vintage bar stools. (via Elle Decor)

Ellen DeGeneres + Portia de Rossi: We have been swooning over each and every rustic chic room in all of Ellen’s homes, but the kitchen spaces in each are definite standouts. No really, look at the pantry in their “Art Barn” (left)! And, like we said, we’d gladly nosh on a vegan treat in the kitchen of their former Beverly Hills pad on the right.

Hilary + Haylie Duff: The above used to belong to the younger Duff sister, but, I don’t know… kitchens seem “so yesterday” — or at least that’s the tune we would be singing if our sister was a gourmet goddess and food blogger. Yes, Haylie Duff has been up to some yummy stuff over on her blog Real Girl’s Kitchen. Let’s stop by her kitchen, shall we?

Check out that view from Haylie’s Venice home! Dreamy. We’ll get to stop by and sample what’s there way more these days with her upcoming Cooking Channel show. (via Front Door + Real Girl’s Kitchen)

Sir Elton John: Art of the wall, island, counter, even statue-in-window variety makes Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s LA apartment just about as tra-la-la as they come. We would be all like, “Do we have to cook in here or can we just be fancy and sip martinis?” Oo, and that green accent wall is everything. (via Architectural Digest)

Jessica Alba: Guess what the actress and Honest Company founder likes to do on her day off? Yes, cook. For her cute family and whoever else feels like stopping by. We do!

We love the warm, yellow accents and a little bit of (even a staged) mess. We’ll take it as proof that everything in the Alba-Warren household is eco and child-friendly! (via Parenting + Life)

Keri Russell: Wire chairs around the star’s kitchen table flirt industrial, while the reclaimed fir wood adds an eco edge. (via Elle Decor)

Ellen Pompeo: Code Blue! The Grey’s Anatomy star has a mega creative kitchen. There’s something about the painting + the black and white striped rug + imported terracotta tiles that’s just = mmm, mmm good to us. (via Elle Decor)

Megan Mullally + Nick Offerman: Yes, this is the kitchen that Karen-from-Will & Grace + Ron Swanson dine in and that means there must be a lot of vodka and meat. It’s also very pretty. (via Elle Decor)

Diane Keaton: From the (adapted) Robert Frost quote to the bright, cherry, Brit-approved POCs, we want to saddle up to the bar at Diane Keaton’s casa to ask her about rocking menswear and working with Woody Allen. A lover of restoration, Diane even DIYed the bar with tiles she picked up at a swap meet. If you want to know what Diane is cookin’, follow along on Pinterest and Twitter where she regularly updates us on her domicile dreams. (via Architectural Digest)

Ginnifer Goodwin: Persian rugs, patterned wallpaper — and that’s just the kitchen! We never thought grey could be so appetizing. (via Elle)

Emma Stone: Can you just picture Emma and beau Andrew Garfield cracking each other up and cooking for a dinner party in this space? We can. (via E Online)

Katy Perry: Hmm, not exactly the room we expected a pop star like Perry to stow whipped cream-spouting bras. (via Front Door)

Will Smith + Jada Pinkett Smith: Have a dark kitchen? Brighten it up like the Smiths with fruit and beautiful, fresh flowers. (via Architectural Digest)

Lena Dunham: This isn’t the current place where the Girls creator and star cooks, but it’s one of the NYC spots she once lived in with her artist parents. (via Front Door)

Jemima Kirke: The look of her laidback pad may remind you a little bit of her Girls character Jessa’s boho ways, but that’s where the similarities end.

This cozy (almost country-fied?) Brooklyn home is where Jemima lives with her two children and hubby. (via Vulture)

Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel: Although it’s not exactly as glam or exciting as some of the others on the list, there’s just about nothing hotter our imagination can conjure up than the “Suit & Tie” crooner in a kitchen. (via Forbes)

Hank Azaria: The funny man behind your favorite Simpsons characters has a cookspace we’d be happy working on a new recipe in. We love the cushions on the chairs, the bold lettering on the containers — and are those chalkboard painted backsplashes we spy? Important Q: Do you think he ever does the Moe voice when his family is sitting at the bar?? (via Architectural Digest)

Which star’s kitchen would you most like to dine in? What other areas of stars’ homes do you want a peek into? Share below!