Let’s just chat for a moment about all the swoon-worthy, cringe-worthy and slay-worthy moments the VMAs gave us this year. From Drake publicly professing his love for Rihanna (and her HARD burn in return) to Jimmy Fallon taking down Ryan Lochte (with the best reaction from Michael Phelps), there was only one thing that could possibly take the title of the ultimate moment: Beyoncé’s Lemonade performance. Taking us right through every super sweet and viciously sour song, no one (NO ONE!) was immune to the effects of her greatness — and that includes the celebs in attendance. Case in point: Chance the Rapper’s reaction when he received a hug from mighty B.

Beyonce _ 2016 VMAs

Chance was having quite the night himself, mixing and mingling with A-listers while receiving the praise of fans and nabbing an MTV interview. But while he was busy telling the camera, “I’m on your a$$,” there was someone on his back, too.

Chance the Rapper _ 2016 VMAs

Beyoncé slid up behind the rapper and with her hand on his arm, gave him a quick squeeze. When Chance turned around to see that it was Bey giving him a little love, his reaction was everything.

Just watch that a few more times and you’ll fall in love with the fact that in this moment, Chance the Rapper was all of us — because you totally know that if you were to receive a hug from Beyoncé, you’d be just as floored as he was. Love it!

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(Photos via Larry Busacca, Jamie McCarthy/Getty)