Next up on our list of Mother’s Day goodness, a batch of 15 cheeky cards, all found on Etsy! Etsy is hands down our favorite place to go for unique stationery, and the folks peddling their wares are pretty darn punny. Besides, anything involving making mom jeans look cool is a win in our book.

1. I Love You More Than 90’s Boy Bands: That’s right. This is our second reference to 90’s boy bands today. #dealwithit

2. Best Mom Everrr: But like seriously, the best.

3. Favourite Child: It’s a closeness that needs no words ;)

4. You Da Mom!: Wait, who owns

5. Best Mom Ever… in 3D: Seeing double? We need to learn how own tricks on making 3D cards in the near future.

6. I Turned Out Awesome: What better example of Mom’s awesomeness than you?

7. Random Moms: We always love a good pie chart, especially one as simple and accurate is this.

8. Going Potty: It’s true, going potty might be one of the top 5 most valuable learned things.

9. Mom Jeans: I mean, it’s a drawing of mom jeans. How can you go wrong?

10. Reasons Why I Love You: Sometimes Mother’s Day is all about bringing up hard truths.

11. Raised by Wolves: Jacob Black might disagree… (and yes, we just referenced Twilight).

12. Mama Ain’t Raisin No Fool: Also available in baby onesie form, you’ve gotta give props to LL Cool J for his lyrical prowess.

13. Measuring Up: If only an actual measuring cup with the words pure awesome on it existed – do I smell a DIY?

14. Gutter Life: In other words, thanks mom!

15. You’re Grate: And finally, a pun after our cheese-loving hearts. You’re grate!

What are you getting or making your mom this Mother’s Day? Got any mom-tastic puns we should know about? Talk to us in the comments below.