Chewbacca Mom just keeps hitting the jackpot. After creating the most-viewed Facebook video of all-time, the avalanche of riches started sliding in fast and hard (we’re talking Carpool Karaoke with J.J. Abrams, full university scholarships for her family and enough fame to start charging for her autograph). And as the weeks pass, this mom’s 15 minutes may be counting down, but she’s still reaping the rewards. Raising her to the ranks of pop-culture-icon-of-the-moment, Candace Payne now has her very own action figure.

Candace Payne - Chewbacca Mom

Receiving the gift from toy-making masters, Hasbro, while Chewy Mom visited their Rhode Island headquarters last week, the figure includes Chewbacca’s hairy bod with Candace’s head popped on top and a removable Chewbacca mask. Of course.

Coming in its very own customized box that includes both Candace and Chewy, the toy itself features a pull-string that activates a few choice phrases from Candace’s epic video. Tug and this toy excitedly proclaims, “I am such a happy Chewbacca.”

Granted, this action figure isn’t likely to hit the store shelves and is surely a one-time deal for Candace to enjoy, but, yowza, we bet that was the thrill of a lifetime (ya know, after all of the other thrills-of-a-lifetime she’s been experiencing).

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(h/t The Star, photos via Hasbro, Terry Wyatt, Mike Coppola/Getty)