While we didn’t hear much about Chipotle in the news before 2015, they were in some major hot water after an e.Coli outbreak caused a number of people to get sick that year. To combat the blowout from the news, the fast food chain has spent a few years fixing their bad press by regularly offering free burritos and, in 2016, a new menu item (spicy Chorizo sausage burritos!). Now, after some speculation, everyone’s favorite burrito chain is finally coming out with a dessert item, and we are here for it.

According to the Business Insider, Chipotle will start offering Mexican Buñuelos in select markets this spring. Like other fast food chains, the company will be testing the new menu item in select locations to see how they do and tweak the menu before they send the new recipe nationwide. Earlier this month, Taco Bell also updated their Tex-Mex breakfast menu with a breakfast taco with eggs for a shell.

For those not in the know, buñuelos are a fried tortilla or dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and honey, and often accompanied by a dip. Chipotle picked this dessert because of the fact that they have most of the ingredients in their restaurants already, which makes us suspect they will use their classic tortilla chips in a new way to create this crunchy fried dessert.

While the restaurant has said in the past that they will test two desserts, this is the only one we’ve heard about since that announcement back in 2016.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via Instagram + Joe Radle/Getty)