Whether it’s from your loved ones or in the workplace, receiving praise can do wonders in regards to boosting self-confidence and well-being. Yet it’s something that remains a bit of a rarity. One special education teacher in Florida wanted to teach his students a little IRL lesson about kindness. So each morning he sets aside 10 minutes in which he calls each of his students up to the front of the class to give them some public praise .


In the video shared to his Facebook page, Special Books by Special Kids, Chris Ulmer is seen telling his students things like, “You sir, are an amazing student. You’re very funny. You’re very smart. You do a great job every day and you make everyone laugh because you’re so silly.”

In text that accompanies the video, Chris writes that since starting this routine “I have seen their confidence and self-worth skyrocket.” He goes on to say, “After a few weeks of this practice, my students started complimenting one another consistently. They never insult one another, and actively work towards helping each other.”

chris ulmer

Obviously, this is a practice that’s great to adapt at a young age, but it’s also something that could (and should) be incorporated into work environments. If, before a weekly meeting, we spent five minutes praising each other for all the great things the team has accomplished recently, there appears to be a much higher chance they will be more productive and willing to work harder in the future.

As if Chris’s efforts weren’t heartwarming enough, the video wraps with one of his students responding to him, saying, “Mr. Ulmer, you’re the greatest teacher ever.” Please excuse us while we go reapply ALL of our mascara.

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(Photo via Special Books by Special Kids)