The big day is getting closer! Three months after announcing she鈥檚 pregnant and expecting her second child with hubby John Legend, and one month after revealing they鈥檙e having a baby boy, Chrissy Teigen is spilling more details about the upcoming arrival, including her due date.

Sitting down for a chat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, the 32-year-old model and cookbook author shared, 鈥淚鈥檓 having a baby boy in the spring. I鈥檒l tell you 鈥 it鈥檚 June!鈥 (Another reason to look forward to the end of winter!)

That gives Teigen and Legend a few months to come up with a name, and they鈥檒l need every minute. Teigen told DeGeneres they haven鈥檛 picked anything and are struggling to find something they like.

With Luna, their now-22-month-old daughter, inspiration came from nature. 鈥淭here was a blood moon happening,鈥 Teigen explained. 鈥淚t was a really beautiful night. Really big, red moon and just gorgeous. I have this love for space and I think about space camp all the time and my days at space camp when I was a youngster. And so I thought Luna was just perfect, and she鈥檚 kind of the perfect Luna.鈥

Things are a little different this time around. 鈥淏oy names are really tough and I don鈥檛 think he will even have a middle name because we can鈥檛 even come up with a first name,鈥 she admitted. DeGeneres tried to help by piping in with some playful suggestions: 鈥淲hat about Lunar for him? What about Urban Legend?鈥

鈥淚鈥檓 toying with Dick Legend a lot. Can I say that?鈥 Teigen joked, to which the host replied, 鈥淵ou can say it. Just don鈥檛 name him that.鈥

One other name that鈥檚 off the table is John, after his dear dad. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model explained, 鈥淛ohn and his ego, he was like, 鈥業 don鈥檛 want him to feel like he has to live up to that.鈥 And I was like, 鈥榃ow, you are a jerk. 鈥eaven forbid he do what you do.'鈥 LOL!

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(photo via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)