YouTube star Logan Paul has had a rocky start to 2018, to say the least. Fans were outraged after the 22-year-old posted a video featuring the body of a suicide victim he came upon during a visit to Japan, and things only got worse when it was revealed that he monetized his apology video. While many took Pau to task for his irresponsible and insensitive behavior, one person, in particular, unexpectedly came to his defense: Chrissy Teigen.

The model took to her social media outlet of choice, Twitter, on Tuesday to suggest that the level of backlash the young man was receiving may not be warranted.

“…Something I always think about is when people make…ethical mistakes, as in, not illegal, should we really be trying [to] ruin their lives and end their careers or accept the apology, personally make a choice to stop watching, and move on,” she mused.

The Lip Sync Battle host followed that up with clarification, saying that while she didn’t condone his actions, most living outside the public eye didn’t know what it was like to have “a campaign to end your entire being.”

Now, it appears the soon-to-be mommy-of-two has changed her tune after seeing Paul’s latest video scandal, which showcases the online star seemingly mocking elements of Japanese culture while dressed in a silk kimono and coolie hat.

In the clip, he also performs many “pranks” throughout his video journey, throwing Pokemon air balls at people at he passes, dropping his pants in traffic, shoving fish in the faces of passersby and in store windows, and running screaming through the streets while dressed up in a Pickachu costume.

It was too much for the cookbook author to bear, who took to social media once more, this time to retract her earlier defense of the vlogger. “Talk about the wrong f*cking hill to die on!” she wrote.

Continuing on, she explained, “I wanted us to be better. My thinking was around us trying to be kind, forgiving people, but oh my God. Wrong. F*cking. Hill.

When someone commented to say, “Everyone tried to tell you,” she responded directly to add, “I know, man. I know. I wanted us to be forgiving, I really did. I had good intentions. I was wrong. I was wrong.”

Her new views weren’t completely without their own controversies, however, with several chiming in to point out that her choice of phrasing could also be seen as insensitive, given the nature of the topic.

Teigen, 32, wasn’t having it, however, writing, “Pick your battles, girl.”

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 (Photo via Charley Gallay/Getty)