From birthday cake croissants to rainbow donuts, rainbow bagels and, most recently, Oreo bagels, it’s safe to say we love some serious creativity and color in our pastries. Which is exactly why these festive AF Christmas bagels have us jumping for joy.

Dreamt up by the Square Bar Cafe in San Diego, which is known for getting seriously wild with its menu items (cheesy pepperoni bagels and macaron ice cream sandwiches, anyone?!), these Christmas creations (on par with these eight holiday fast food treats) are pure edible joy and can be paired with any cream cheese you fancy, whether it be plain, Oreo or Fruity Pebbles (YES, they also serve Fruity Pebbles cream cheese: Heaven is real!).

We know they’re just regular bagels prettied up with some red and green food coloring, but… LOOK AT THEM!

Square Bar Cafe has been teasing the quirky treats all week long on Instagram, writing, “It’s almost Christmas! Come celebrate with us and these new Christmas Themed Bagels!” Umm, yes, please.

They’re a hearty dose of instant holiday cheer in food form and we, for one, are hoping we’ll find some under the tree this year. We promise we’ve been nothing but nice all year, Santa!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan photos via @squarebarcafe)