If you’ve ever flown over your city at night, you know the breathtaking experience of seeing all the lights below, shining in the dark and creating a unique pattern of orange and gold. Now you can wear that beauty the next time you go out, thanks to Slow Factory’s gorgeous silk scarves.


The collection of scarves, handmade and screen printed on 100% silk, include aerial views of New York, Paris, London, Gaza and the continental United States, all taken at night from crews orbiting earth on the International Space Station. So yes, these gorgeous images are what our cities look like from space. How cool is that?!


The patches of light create pretty patterns that are stunning enough on their own. But for the Gaza scarf, the word “Peace” is scrawled across the expanse of silk, adding poignancy and beauty to the cloth.


Check out the Slow Factory site for more scarves in this collection. And also check out their other collections of space images, including pictures of Mars and of gorgeous nebulas and stars, with photos taken from the Hubble Telescope. The scarves typically cost between $150 and $300. But for the fashionista in your life, this as a gift would simply be priceless.


What do you think of these scarves? Would you wear one or buy one for a friend? Tell us in the comments below!