We’re sure that by now you’ve got some pretty fab artwork hanging in your home, be it photos pulled from your Instagram account or simple DIY wallpaper art. But if you’re looking for something super classy that will wow, forget boring old canvas and paper. Take some photographic masterpieces you’ve created in the past, and turn them into a print made of solid wood.

Classic Wood Prints, a new company that just opened its art-making doors in September, is changing the way we look at and design with photographs. Sure, you’ve seen those websites that let you screen print your photos directly onto canvas, wallpaper or even silk, but this is the first time we’ve seen a print on wood. So trust us when we say that we were pretty blown away by how gorgeous they turn out.

Classic Wood Prints makes their masterpieces on birch plywood, then transfers the photos directly onto newly cut pieces of wood, taking advantage of the natural whorls and spirals. To make sure their practices are sustainable, they donate proceeds from each purchase to Plantit2020, an organization that plants a tree for each print made.

Sizes of the prints range from 6” x 6” to 24” x 36″, and prices start at just under $30. You can use a complementary wooden stand for the smaller pieces or hang them on your wall with the provided anchors and screws.

We’re super excited to see if Classic Wood Prints can shake up the art world, at least for home decorators and interior design mavens. Interested in learning more or grabbing a print for yourself? Check out their site, or look for #WhatWoodYouPrint on Twitter or Instagram.

And tell us, do you like these wooden prints? How would you decorate with them? Tell us in the comments below!