I’ll fully admit it: I’m a ClassPass junkie. While my attendance record at a standard “run on the treadmill and leave” sort of gym was a bit embarrassing, since switching over to the boutique fitness subscription service earlier this year I’ve been hitting up a few different classes every week. The key to my workout makeover: variety. Whether it’s a Beyoncé-themed dance class or a surfing-inspired pilates sesh, there’s always something new to try. But if you’re having trouble actually getting a spot in the ClassPass class of your choosing, it might have something to do with the day you’re working out.

Beautiful slim brunette doing some gymnastics at the gym

According to a recent survey released by ClassPass, Tuesday is the most popular day to break a sweat. Which makes sense, because who is really motivated enough to work out on a Monday? If you are, we bow down. Additionally, the company reports that 57 percent of people book a class on the same day they attend, and that strength training is the most popular workout category in the US. So what we’ve now learned: If you’re thinking about hitting up a Tuesday night strength training class, book ahead.

A few other ClassPass findings to take into account if you want to skip the crowds: In the southeast, morning workouts reign supreme while the northeast prefers its beauty sleep and a PM session. Austinites, however, dip out of the office most regularly for 12PM classes (where do you guys all work? Please share with us ASAP). And overall, pilates is still a top performing class category across major metro cities. So book those classes early if you want to make sure you get a spot on your regular reformer.

May the reservation odds be ever in your favor.

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