ClassPass Says This Is the Day You Should Skip the Gym
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ClassPass Says This Is the Day You Should Skip the Gym

I’ll fully admit it: I’m a ClassPass junkie. While my attendance record at a standard “run on the treadmill and leave” sort of gym was a bit embarrassing, since switching over to the boutique fitness subscription service earlier this year I’ve been hitting up a few different classes every week. The key to my workout makeover: variety. Whether it’s a Beyoncé-themed dance class or a surfing-inspired pilates sesh, there’s always something new to try. But if you’re having trouble actually getting a spot in the ClassPass class of your choosing, it might have something to do with the day you’re working out.

According to a recent survey released by ClassPass, Tuesday is the most popular day to break a sweat. Which makes sense, because who is really motivated enough to work out on a Monday? If you are, we bow down. Additionally, the company reports that 57 percent of people book a class on the same day they attend, and that strength training is the most popular workout category in the US. So what we’ve now learned: If you’re thinking about hitting up a Tuesday night strength training class, book ahead.

A few other ClassPass findings to take into account if you want to skip the crowds: In the southeast, morning workouts reign supreme while the northeast prefers its beauty sleep and a PM session. Austinites, however, dip out of the office most regularly for 12PM classes (where do you guys all work? Please share with us ASAP). And overall, pilates is still a top performing class category across major metro cities. So book those classes early if you want to make sure you get a spot on your regular reformer.

May the reservation odds be ever in your favor.

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