Probably just about every interior designer will preach it to you: If you want your home to have a friendly, outdoorsy, calm, elegant and homey feel, simply add a plant. Need to fill an empty corner? Add a plant. Got a bare spot on your bookshelf? Add a plant. And we’re pretty sure this “Put a plant on it” mantra works for just about everything. But how do you choose which greenery is right for you? When it comes to buying your plants, consider how it will help your home, not just in looks but in quality. Believe it or not, certain plants are superstars at cleaning the air around them. Take a look at these 10 plants that will make your home look and breathe great.

1. Spider Plant: If you asked around about houseplants, someone probably pointed you to this guy. They’re easy to grow and are great at removing formaldehyde from the air. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Chinese Evergreen: Not only does this pretty plant come in several color variations, but it also has a knack for fighting formaldehyde or cancer-causing benzene in your air. Chinese Evergreen FTW! (via Design Sponge)

3. Snake Plant: It grows in low light with little water, and cleans the air of almost everything you don’t want to be breathing. Is there anything this plant can’t do? (via Gardenista)

4. Pothos: If you’re looking for a unique plant that improves your air quality, you’ve found it. Pothos is a viney plant that you’ll want to hang in just about every room in the house. (via Design Sponge)

5. Peace Lily: We think those tropical, broad green leaves are absolutely gorgeous. Add one to your home and say goodbye to toxins, including ammonia. (via DIY and Crafts)

6. Baby Rubber Plant: Really, any plant from the rubber family is great at cleaning the air. So if you’re a succulent kind of person, this will go perfectly with your collection. (via The Sill)

7. Areca Palm: Remember that empty corner we were talking about? Here’s a plant that will make for a pretty li’l vignette as well as take all those bad breathe-ables away. (via The Thinking Closet)

8. Aloe Vera: Get yourself one of these and you’ll have healing gel plus a warning when the toxin level in your home gets too high. (via Design Sponge)

9. Boston Fern: These droopy plants may need a bit more care than the rest, but they give back the love by removing formaldehyde from the room and adding humidity to your home. (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Gerbera Daisies: Were you looking for some blooms? Buy a Gerbera Daisy plant and you can trade your toxins for beautiful flowers. (via From My Hearth to Yours)

Know of any toxin-removing plants that we missed? Tell us below!