Hoping to channel the luck of the Irish? Or just obsessed with green beer, soda bread, pots of gold and all the things that make St. Patrick’s Day so fun? Then you’ll probably go gaga over this clover-covered wall.

Created by Cloudy Day Gray for You Are My Fave, this Wall of Four Leaf Clovers is great example of how to make your own DIY wallpaper with shapes you love. While we’re not sure we’d go shamrock crazy in our own homes, we love the idea of using a similar method to create a wall of plus signs, triangles or other geometric shapes. See how this one was made right here.

The project featured in this article was created by Cloudy Day Gray. This is part of a series on Brit + Co. called Shoutouts, where we curate some of our favorite DIY projects from around the web.

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