In a time when we’ve come to expect our watches to send texts, our phones to be our personal assistants and our jewelry to count calories, the idea of a device that does one thing (gasp!) is a breath of fresh air. That’s what CLUSE is all about, a brand of wrist watches with no gimmicks or extra features — just gorgeous, minimalist design that is sure to be a welcome addition to your arm party.


The Dutch brand is relatively new to the scene (it launched in 2013), but has since gained a lot of popularity thanks to its chic, nondescript designs — the watches all feature a stark circular face and thin leather or metal straps — and its crowdsourced Instagram feed and lookbooks feature real people wearing their watches in real life. Let us be the first to tell you — the pics are enough to make you want one, and the styling inspo is insane — it’s been a while since we’ve seen a watch look this dreamy.


Watch faces come in neutral hues with metallic details, and straps are available in complementary colors like a soft pink and smokey gray or metallic mesh. Since they’re interchangeable, it’s possible to make the switch between party dresses and power suits like that.


According to CLUSE’s website, the products aim to showcase just how beautiful simplicity can be and encourage people to appreciate and cherish the small things in life. At $100 a pop with free shipping, you won’t be breaking the bank to be on time in a super stylish way.


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