21 Times Cooking With Coconut Milk Made Us HEART Whole30
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21 Times Cooking With Coconut Milk Made Us HEART Whole30

For many of us, 2016 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2017! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January for new ideas, hacks and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you were inspired by new The Whole30 Cookbook or that friend who started a Whole30 and (10 pounds later) can’t stop talking it up, you went ahead and bit the bullet. Now that you’re *on* it, things just got real. You’ve mastered cooking Whole30 dinners, some poultry recipes, soups and even vegetarian dishes. You’re all over the magical cauliflower hack. But with much-dreaded Day 16 approaching (when enthusiasm wanes), you sense a commitment challenge heading your way. Just in time — here are 21 Whole30 coconut-milk recipes so mouthwatering they’ll make you say: I have SOOOOO got this!

1. Sweet Potato, Brussel Sprouts and Pork Loin Casserole: Picture yourself raising a forkful of hearty, savory pork stew to your lips. The spicy aroma and rich flavor will transport you to a moment of pure Whole30 bliss. (via The Healthy Foodie)

2. Sopa de Pollo: Coconut milk isn’t a traditional ingredient in sopa de pollo, but it adds a creamy comfort that satisfies your craving for something rich and filling. Garnish with chopped cilantro, fresh avocado and lime wedges, and it’s like a pumped-up version of everyone’s favorite tortilla soup, minus the tortillas. (via Naked Cuisine)

3. Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup: This soup is rich with flavors of creamy coconut, spicy red chilis and curry that are perfectly balanced by notes of citrusy lemongrass and lime. With so much flavor going on in the broth, plus that delicious shrimp, you won’t miss a thing. (via Taste Love and Nourish)

4. Pineapple Braised Pork Roast: This roast is brined before braising, which makes it so super tender and juicy, it’s unreal. But it’s the sauce that’s the real star of this show. Sweet, slightly tangy and oh so silky, you’ll want to slurp it through a straw! (via The Healthy Foodie)

5. Turmeric Chicken: Spicy, yellow turmeric makes this dish so super bright and vibrant, you’ll be eating it up with your eyes before you even take the first bite. Serve it over potatoes or a grain-free garlicky fettuccine and it’s the BOMB. (via There’s a Cook in My Kitchen)

6. Seven-Ingredient Coconut Curry Seafood Soup: Inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine, this soup is just SO easy to make and calls for just seven ingredients. There’s nothing more delicious and satisfying than a creamy seafood curry to help you stay the Whole30 course. (via Healthy Helper)

7. Healthy Vegan Green Bean Casserole: You know that green bean casserole that everyone loves at Thanksgiving time? This is like that, but made dairy-free, gluten-free and Whole30 compliant. It makes a perfect side dish to any leftover meat or fish you have on hand. (via Food Faith Fitness)

8. Curried Sweet Potato Soup: This soup is so versatile, you can serve it up straight with a drizzle of coconut milk, add roasted nuts or pumpkin seeds, garnish with rosemary or top it with chopped green onions and bacon bits — chef’s choice. You definitely need some of this in your life right now. (via PaleoScaleo)

9. Whole30 Mango Chicken With Coconut Cauliflower Rice: When you get that craving for takeout around Day 16, this is the recipe for you. Make a double batch and take some to work the next day for a super-satisfying lunch. (via Food Faith Fitness)

10. Curried Pork Bowls: How do you describe the magic that happens when you drizzle riced cauliflower and ground pork in a sauce of coconut milk, ginger, curry and sunflower butter? This dish is lip-smacking, belly-rubbing good. (via Whole Fork)

11. Coconut Curry Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles: This coconut curry soup is extra creamy with cauliflower and cashew cream — YUM. Serve it over a generous pile of tender spiralized sweet potato noodles and get your slurp onnnnn. (via Food Faith Fitness)

12. One Skillet Creamy Chicken With Mushrooms: A few weeks into your W30, you might think you’re getting bored with chicken, but think again. This one-skillet sauce of creamy coconut and garlicky mushrooms definitely takes it to the next level. (via Kiwi and Carrot)

13. Grain-Free Thai Coconut Curry Turkey Meatballs: These meatballs simmering in coconut red curry sauce are so perfectly spiced, it’s impossible to leave the dinner table with even a single bite left on anyone’s plate. Better make a double batch, because it would be too sad to miss out on leftovers. (via Wholesomelicious)

14. Coconut Lime Skillet Chicken: This skillet chicken is creamy without being too rich. Serve it with a simple side salad and mashed potatoes and you’ve got an easy and satisfying weeknight meal. (via Grits & Chopsticks)

15. Butternut Squash, Kale & Ground Beef Breakfast Bowl: Now that you’re on W30, breakfast bowls will become like your new cereal substitute. Pro Tip: Cook up a big batch of ground beef and some sweet potatoes, squash and spinach or kale for the week. Reheat with a pour of coconut milk and some spicy curry, and you’ve got a hearty Paleo breakfast. (via The Healthy Foodie)

16. Tom Kha Gai Soup: This version of everyone’s fave Thai lemongrass soup will bubble away happily in your slow cooker all day while you work. Bonus: It freezes well, so you can dole out the leftovers throughout the rest of the week, as you need them. (via Goodie Godmother)

17. Coconut Milk Fish Curry: This lip smacking fish curry is a feast for all the senses, with multiple layers of spicy flavor and fragrance. One bite is gonna make you say: “Whole30, I love you.” (via La Petit Chef)

18. Curried Sweet Potato Soup With Coconut Milk and Crispy Leeks: There are a gazillion and one versions of Paleo sweet potato soup around, but so many are overly complex. This recipe calls for potatoes, leeks and onions, broth, coconut cream and spices. Done and DONE. (via Mas Appetit)

19. Blackberry Coconut Smoothie: Everyone reaches that point on W30 where you just can’t face another egg breakfast. Coconut milk to the rescue! Garnish yours with toasted coconut flakes and prepare to go coco-crazy. (via The Crafting Chicks)

20. Mango Lime Chia Pudding: Desserts may be frowned on in W30 land, but this tart, creamy chia pudding will make your heart so happy. Close your eyes and it will be like eating key lime pie from a glass. (via Grits & Chopsticks)

21. Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl: All your fave carrot cake flavors including walnuts, raisins and coconut flakes in one bowl? This is going to be your new favorite brekkie. (via Pancake Warriors)

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